Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boys' Birthday Party

We spent Saturday morning at Old Poway Park celebrating the boys' birthdays. Brandon turned 5 last month and Silas will be 4 next month. Old Poway Park has a train that runs on the weekends. It is a really quaint and peaceful place. The Del Bono's and Mellor's joined our family (they practically are family to us) and we had a sweet celebration of my two little angels. As I was setting up for the party, it began to rain...yikes! But cleared up just in time for the guests to arrive. The weather was beautiful and perfect. God is good! Here, Silas is decked out in his Armor of God and Brandon is enjoying a birthday cupcake.

Joanna Mellor & Nicole DelBono; Michael Mellor; Breanna & Danielle DelBono

From left to right: Brandon, Silas, Danielle, Nicole, Joanna, Michael, Breanna, Sarah, Anika

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