Monday, April 26, 2010

Quiet times when you're a mom. Is that possible?

Life certainly goes through dry spells, but I feel like I am finally (since having my babies) having time for deep Bible study and have a new and heartfelt passion for this great nation. So, suddenly I have something to say. I am currently in the process of becoming a Prayer Action Leader for Concerned Women for America. And I may attend a training in Denver for another outlet I think the Lord may use to encourage moms to make the most of their opportunities with those precious children they have influence over. It is with a ministry called Wholeheart or Mom Heart. is the website. The speaker, Sally Clarkson, has a fantastic blog that I don't ever miss.

It's so hard to have quiet times with the Lord when you have little ones. But by reading them Bible stories, listening to Christian music, and singing Bible songs, you are doing the right thing. I was just reading about Mary giving her gift to Jesus before His crucifixion. "She did what she could."  (Mk. 14:3-9)  For now, you are doing what you can.  He knows your heart, for sure.  I got a book a couple of years ago ("Mom... and Loving It!").  I still haven't read it, but there was one chapter that intrigued me and was the reason I bought it. The chapter is called "Loud Times with God." Haha! I loved that! Isn't that so how it is when you have kids?  Kids are the bomb!!!!! Though, they do make it hard for anything to actually be quiet. LOL!

"Mission to Motherhood" by Sally Clarkson changed my life. I highly recommend. I was one grumpy, selfish momma before I read that book.  (Not that I'm not grumpy and selfish now, but there is a slight improvement.)  Sally is excellent. I attend her mom's conferences every year. 

What's ironic is that right now as I am trying to be an encouraging mom I have walked into the boys room at least 5 times threatening them with everything but death if they don't go to sleep. LOL!

Nothing is perfect and even when we are trying to be the "perfect" whatever, God reminds us how absolutely dependent on Him we are.

(This is a summary of a chat I had earlier today with my sweet friend, Deanna Bloomer.)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Loving My Enemies...

I had opportunity to put this into practice recently.  It was very difficult.  Thankfully, I had just read Kay Smith's Pleasing God chapter on this very subject.  A coincidence?  I think not.  I read through the chapter and the study guide questions in light speed...I wanted to be as prepared as possible for what was before me.  How very thoughtful of the Lord to have that be the next chapter we were to cover in my weekly Bible study.
The moment came...I stalled and suddenly was overcome with emotion and all reason and truth flew out the window.  I was frozen, paralyzed, unable to see myself in God's perspective.  All I could think about were the terrible ways I had been treated, and the "what if this happens?" scenarios.  I knew in my head what I must do, but I couldn't trust my reactions.  Would I cry?  Would I get angry?  I knew what I must do.
For those of you  who prayed, thank you so much.  With God, all things are possible.
It went "well," though I desperately wanted the truth to be exposed.  I wish I could get past my pride in being totally disgusted at the complete denial of the truth of the circumstances.  It was awkward but not obviously so (at least on my part).  I was kind though everything within me warred against kindness.  Aren't we so glad God tells us how to handle these difficult situations?
Thank You, Father, for scripture.  For instructing us through Your Word when we don't know what to do, or do know but don't feel like it.  I can obey even when everything within me rebels against the act.  My mind raced about the circumstances leading to this, the lack of justice in the situation.  Our thoughts are so wicked.  I have thought the most terrible things about irrational/difficult/shallow people...but may I always do the right thing even when I don't feel the right way.
Oh, how we need Him!

Friday, April 23, 2010

It is for Freedom that Christ made us FREE.

"What I've experienced is that I can't know the future.  I can't know if anything I do will change what happens tomorrow.  I can't know with certainty, but what I do know is if I do nothing, nothing will change." ~James Orbinski

Josiah rose to power after a line of God-less kings.  The people had turned so drastically from the Lord.  Josiah had a heart for God so he began to restore the temple.  During the restoration, the book of the law of Moses was found and told to Josiah.  Josiah was distraught knowing that because of the previous generations' disobedience to and rebellion against God, judgment was coming to the people.  But, Josiah didn't act as though all was lost.  He was spared the judgment, though the nation would certainly get what they deserved, and he followed hard after the Lord and inspired his people to do the same...even though destruction was coming. (2 Kings 22-23)

We don't know if God will lift His hand and not judge our nation for our blatant immorality and wickedness.  My guess is He won't.  We will reap what we have sown as a nation.  But, should we continue to sin?  Should we not try to do what is right?  We must do something if, for no other reason, but to please Him and it will be well with us personally and with our families.

"Stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage." ~Galatians 5:1

Should we fight to keep the freedom our nation's forefathers have given to us?  YES!  We should not sit idly by watching the liberal media and progressive (socialist) government leadership strip all that is good from the people.

At the close of the Constitutional Convention, Ben Franklin was asked if we had a monarchy or a republic.  His response?  "A republic.  If you can keep it?"

We CAN keep it but we must try to.  If we do nothing, nothing will change.  What are YOU doing?
  1. PRAY!  Really, what is more effective than this?  "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land." ~2 Chr. 7:14.  Now I am not sure the grand USA is His land but we certainly were striving for that in the beginning.  But I do know that I and my family are His people and this is my land, so let's get to work and let God do His work.
  2. Live a life pleasing to God and morally straight.
  3. Know what the Constitution says and defend it.  Call out those who are sworn to protect it (yes, your politicians) yet go blatantly against it.  Don't allow "hate speech" laws to quiet our pastors when the first amendment clearly states "freedom of speech" and "freedom of religion" and, really, is the Bible hate speech?  Do you have a copy of the Constitution?  You can get one free here.
  4. Do you have children?  Even if you are not a home schooler, you are still responsible for their education.  I guarantee you the government-funded school your child is attending is not going to teach your precious little one to think independantly or to question their authority.  You'd better do it.  We already have a culture and society of brain-washed government-indoctrinated robots, your child should not be one of these.  You have to counter it at home.  Teach them the truth about our founders.  Not the deep lessons (note the sarcasm) that your child's school will teach about Lincoln's log-splitting, George's cherry tree or slavery (even though he set all his slaves free), and Ben Franklin's womanizing.   I mean, really, don't you think the founders of the greatest nation on earth were a little more than that?  Ronald Reagan said, "All great change in America starts at the dinner table."  That is absolutely the truth! 
  5. Go to a Tea Party.  Stand against big government.  YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT. "We the people" were the first three words of the Constitution for a reason....and they were written in big letters so even the smallest-minded dictators could understand it.  Do you feel like you are in charge of your government?  Yeah, neither do I.  Do something about it.  Tea Party! Pick up the phone and call whoever you have to call and let them know their boss is on the phone and if they don't shape up, they're fired!  And mean it.  Join me on this.
  6. Be informed.  Concerned Women for America has accurate information about real issues.  You can subscribe to updates if you would like as well.
  7. The liberal media is not telling the truth to the people which ironically is their job.  Watch Fox news and get what NBC's Obama-bowers won't tell you.  Even if you don't agree with Fox's seemingly conservative perspective, you can't deny the actual video and audio footage they show that no other news station will.  Just because you are ignorant of the truth doesn't mean it isn't happening.
  8. Understand that America is a fantastic country but it is actually possible that we could fail.  We are not incapable of falling apart.  We have spent ourselves into oblivion, we have been God-deniers for many years, we have lived lavish, pleasure-seeking immoral lives, we have sacrificed more than 50 million lives to the altar of sex and selfishness, and the list goes on.  Do you think the blood of all those innocent babies doesn't cry out to God?  Do you think He turns His head and ignores it?  Just because we do, doesn't mean He will.
Please don't think that because you are only one person, you don 't matter.  You are infinitely valuable to your Maker, to those you influence, to me, and to your country.  You matter BIG!  Do something!  Please!  If we do nothing, nothing will change.  I can't do for you what you should be doing.  Join me and double the effect and we will multiply our efforts far beyond.  Let's give our children a future.  "It is for freedom that Christ made us free."  It is a God-given right.  Will you let others strip you of what is rightfully yours?  

All my love to you.  Kori

Thursday, April 15, 2010

correspondence with a friend

From my sweet friend:

My parents were very involved in politics and I grew up in it. I am sorry but the Lord really doesn't lead me to be moved by much of it! I guess, I mostly believe that if we want a king well get whatever that king brings to the table.

I really believe God's plan is being worked out in the earth. He has shown through Godly men and women how wonderful His plan for us in this country can be. Now the ungodly are showing what greed and evil can do. I pray for all that feel led to be involved in politics. However Jesus did not rival against the Roman government. So I follow Christ's example.

I am thinking about and being led to pray through the capitol building. If God opens the doors for me to speak with anyone, the truth that He is reigning over us and of our need to repent and follow Him, I will.

I am at peace, and I believe love is our only weapon against hardness and rebellion. Hebrews 12:14-15 Pursue peace with all people and holiness, without which no one will see the lord. Looking carefully least anyone fall short of the grace of God; least any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble and by this many become defiled.

Love in Christ...
My response:

That's the bummer... I don't want a king and the founders certainly didn't either.  They had just given their English king the boot. Even when George Washington was asked to lead the country, he said that he should not be a king. But a President who would willingly give up his power after a designated time of service.

The scripture is true and beautiful. What a fine balance we must have regarding the issues we face. And I love your heart to pray through the capitol building.

I have struggled with whether or not it is totally in vain to fight for our freedoms when we know the stage is being set for the rapture, the anti-Christ, and the Great Tribulation. Certainly God is in control. Please view my blog post here (if you would like) regarding this very subject. (I actually started a Bible study on it and am still working on it ...when I have the chance). The answer I came up with for what we must do is: 1. trust God, 2. seek out the truth and make it known, and 3. be loving (1 Thess. 5:8). So, I do agree with you. Though, I struggle with not being bitter.

I also thought the same of Jesus' example...He was in the midst of an oppressive tyrannical government. Yes, He went with the flow and kept things personal rather than political. Serving, loving, changing lives on a personal level. But, you and I have been blessed to be born in a free country and we shouldn't just sit passively by and let it be stripped away from us.  Especially when we are the government...according to the Constitution. Where else can we go? What if we are no longer free to worship Jesus? We must stand for righteousness. What about my two sweet sons? What will they think and say if I do nothing while their future and freedom is at stake? If I do nothing, then no one will. And big government corruption will be obstacle-free to subvert the great work of our founders and we will be forced to participate in an ungodly government system. We are already guilty of this. You and I pay for the killing of the unborn babies... How absolutely horrific! Nationalized healthcare is theft. How do we as citizens opt out of something that we are mandated to do but is not God-honoring? Will we be held accountable? We are forced into sin. I sin enough all by myself, I don't need someone to help me.

If, God forbid, we do end up in an oppressive, tyrannical government and liberty is lost forever, then yes, I will stop speaking politics and do what I can do: keep things personal only. But, for now, while we have these coveted (by some) freedoms, I think I will keep things personal AND political. So that my children may have a "future and a hope" in case Jesus doesn't return tomorrow.

"So, for the person who knows to do good and doesn't do it, it is a sin." ~James 4:17

If I may add....Many wanted Jesus to take His rightful place as King, but it wasn't time for that yet. But, His time is coming, and we know from Revelation that He will come and will make no bones about throwing the dictator of all time in his rightful place and it won't be pretty for him. But, oh, how we rejoice at what is to come!! So, can we follow Jesus' example in a yet-to-be-fulfilled, but surely-will-be-fulfilled prophecy? :) Yes, be loving, be peaceful. He calls us to love our enemies and so we must.  I say this now, but I definitely struggle with it.  My motives are constantly in question.  Ugh!  What a wretch I am!

I, also, feel that we must do what we are called to. This is my calling right now (one of them, anyway) and it may not be yours. I respect that. Please be gracious to me because I have to speak my heart and convictions.

Much love, K

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Last Thursday, Jamie chaperoned a youth group trip to Magic Mountain.  As they were exiting onto Magic Mountain Parkway, the last car in the caravan was rear-ended.  After a 4-hour drive, all the girls in the vehicle were sent home for fear that subtle neck injuries would be worse after an all-day tour of roller coasters.  This was terribly disappointing for the girls, but it, undoubtedly was the wise thing to do.  Megan, our youth pastor's wife, joined the girls on the ride home and determined to make the most of the day, so she stopped for ice cream.  Then, when they returned to Borrego, she invited them all to her home and gave them all new haircuts (Megan is a fantastic hairdresser).  And promised them that they all would go back to Magic Mountain for a special "just the girls" trip.  She really brought beauty from ashes and made the day so worthwhile for some very disappointed ladies.  I was speaking with one of them the other day and she was just radiant with the princess treatment from Megan.  I just thought this was such a special effort from Megan.  She went above and beyond and was so gracious, thoughtful, and selfless.  I am sure after an 8-hour drive, crash in the midst, she was ready to take a nap.  Yea for a great youth pastor and his precious wife!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Independent thinking

We have been watching a couple of episodes of "Life", a program on Discovery Channel which is saturated in the evolutional agenda.  I want the boys to become critical thinkers and think for themselves.  I was pondering this yesterday...that I want to be very careful, in all my passions for the Lord and for our country, that the boys draw their own conclusions about such controversial subjects and decide for themselves what to think and believe.  They are only 4 & 5.  But I am to "train them up in the way they should go" so "when they are old they will not depart from it."  Creation, God, our founders Providential intent for the USA is true and accurate.  There is no question about whether it is right or wrong to teach such foundations.  However, they must learn to think for themselves.  We discuss such issues as much as is possible for these precious young minds.

Just a little bit of what is in my head today.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Going Rogue, An American Life by Sarah Palin

What a cool book!  And for someone (me) who needs politics and economics explained to her to the point of exhaustion, Sarah's book is written by a regular girl for a regular girl.  (Though Jamie did read this book also so clearly it is not a "for girls only" read.)  I "get" what she's saying and she makes perfect sense.

Sarah leads off every chapter with fantastic quotes.  Here they are below:
"I don't believe God put us on earth to be ordinary." ~Lou Holtz
"Criticism is something we can avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, being nothing." ~Aristotle
"Our land is everything to us...I will tell you one of the things we remember on our land.  We remember that our grandfathers paid for it--with their lives." ~John Wooden
"I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.  And so it is with you...we re in charge of our attitudes." ~Charles Swindoll
"The Democrats seem to be basically nicer people, but they have demonstrated time and time again that they have the management skills of celery.  They're the kind of people who'd stop to help you change a flat, but would somehow manage to set your car on fire.  I would be reluctant to entrust them with a Cuisinart, let alone the economy.      The Republicans, on the other hand, would know how to fix your tire but they wouldn't bother to stop because they'd want to be on time for Ugly Pants Night at the country club." ~Dave Barry
"Sarah's not retreating; she's reloading!" ~Chuck Heath Sr. (Sarah's dad)

I admire her dedication to natural preservation balanced well with ingenuity and development.  She is common sense and no-nonsense.  She is pro-environment AND pro-development.  Oh my!  Can the two exist together?  Apparently so.

Regarding her decision to resign as Alaska's governor:
"In the end, I decided, politically speaking, if I die, I die.  I had to do the right thing.  It might be the end of my career, but it wouldn't be the end of my work to make a difference.  No one can make me 'sit down and shut up.'  I don't need a title to effect positive change."
This was a flashback to the Beth Moore Esther study.  "...And if I perish, I perish."  (Est. 4:16)  What's the worst that could happen?  What is my greatest fear?  Talk yourself through it.  And do the right thing.  Honoring God is more important than saving our own reputation or even our own lives.

"They (the press) just couldn't believe that a politician would willingly give up power and title for good reasons.  Instead there had to be some huge scandal chasing me out of office.  But there was no scandal.  There was no FBI investigation, no greedy grasp for money, no divorce.  And it sure wasn't because I disliked my job--I loved my job.  The decision wasn't about me.  It was about Alaska.  It was as simple as I'd said it was."
Flashback again...but this time to our studies of George Washington...willingly leaving his position of power because he wasn't in it for the power, he was in it for the people.  Washington didn't even want to be president but felt it was his duty to serve the people that trusted him and the country he had fought so desperately for.

There was a moment in this book where I thought, "how can someone possibly endure such harsh and corrupt treatment and still function?"  It took me 2 days to get past that awful feeling of being beaten down.  But Sarah's resilience is incomparable and incredibly impressive.  Not only that, but she states that she would do it (the Vice-Presidential campaign & the drama that goes with it) again in a heartbeat.  (You have to read the book to know all the unbelievable treatment she endured during and following the campaign.)

So, if she would "do it again in a heartbeat", will we see Sarah Palin in the next Presidential election?  Something tells me, "yes!"  But, we will have to wait and see.  Maybe a Sarah & Newt Republican ticket? :)  

Enjoy this book!  It is an easy and enjoyable read.

So back to the library I go...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Truth about the health care bill

Always check your child's homework

Here's the reply the teacher received the following day:

Dear Mrs. Jones,

I wish to clarify that I am not now, nor have I ever been, an exotic dancer.  I work at Home Depot and I told my daughter how hectic it was last week before the blizzard hit.  I told her we sold out of every single shovel we had, and then I found one more in the back room, and several people were fighting over who would get it.  Her picture doesn't show me dancing around a pole.  It's supposed to depict me selling the last snow shovel we had at Home Depot.
From now on I will remember to heck her homework more thoroughly before she turns it in.

Sincerely, Mrs. Smith

Sometimes It Causes Me To Tremble... Easter & Earthquake

"There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from Heaven and, 
going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it." 
~Matthew 28:2

After church, we, mom, Dad, Linda and 2 of their friends (Ruth and Virgil) gathered at our place.  We put together a buffet and were enjoying a relaxing afternoon when, at around 3:30pm, the biggest earthquake I have ever experienced rolled through.  Jamie said, "Don't worry, it'll be over in a minute." But it was lasting much longer than any others and so I shouted that everyone get outside.  It lasted at least a minute and we all ended up in the backyard where the pool was sloshing strongly.  We could still feel the earth rolling below our feet.  It felt like waves and was much quieter than most earthquakes we experience here.  It always amazes me how some quakes roll through like that, some shake, and some feel like a truck running into the house. A few pictures fell over and the precious figurine Erika got me when Brandon was born fell to the floor and broke into pieces.  Funny...the pic of my aunt and uncle's wedding fell over, and I set it back up and then it fell over at each aftershock.  So, I figured it was just a reminder to pray for them.  :)  But everyone was fine, though a bit unnerved and you can imagine what the conversation then centered around.  I have felt numerous aftershocks since.  We had a big 5.1 yesterday morning right after I woke up.  The pots and pans were clanging together.  The original quake ended up being centered near Calexico and measured a 7.2.  That is the same as the Haitian earthquake.  But very little damage.  Thank God.  2 deaths that I have heard of in Calexico.  I don't know the details.  Both nights since, we have had a big enough aftershock to wake me up, but minor in comparison to Sunday afternoon.  
You know there was an earthquake the first Easter (Mt. 28:1-2) so it seems fitting to have one on the last Easter.  LOL!  Yes, I am hoping for the rapture before next Easter.  ;)  Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

I have the letters: J-E-S-U-S standing on one of the nooks in the dining room.  They fell backward and have been out-of-sight since the quake.  "He's not here!  He has risen just as He said!  Come see the place where He lay"  ~Mt. 28:6.  Teehee!

Were you there when the stone was rolled away... Sometimes is causes me to tremble. 

dust rising off the mountains near Mexicali during the quake & road damage.
(not sure where I got these, but thought they were fascinating.)

Who is God and what is He like? perception.

God is the Creator of the atom and of the universe which is so expansive we will never, this side of heaven, grasp the massive size of it.  And yet it is all small enough to God that He holds it in His hand.  He is physically enormous yet that word does nothing to accurately describe His size.  And even though, God is awesomely huge, He still is able to know the secret workings of my earthly body and the private thoughts of my heart. (Gen. 1:1; Is. 40:12; Ps. 139:1-4, 16, 23-24)

He is Love.  Not just loving, but He is love.  He encompasses all love and one can not claim to know God if there is no love in him.  God's love is so all-consuming and overflowing that it is easily a trait that we all have inborn in us because we are in His image.  And He withholds nothing from us, not even His most precious possession, His Son. (1 Jn. 4:8; Gen. 1:27; Jn. 3:16)

He knows my days before there were any of them.  He knows the end from the beginning.  He knows and cares about every detail in my life.  The fact that He can know me (and all of His creation) so intimately means He is a multi-tasker beyond comprehension.  Certainly our ways and thoughts are not to be compared to His.  It is absolutely ridiculous to entertain the thought that our limited/finite minds can even slightly grasp His wisdom. (Ps. 139:16-18; Is. 47:10a; 48:4; Is. 55:8-9)

He is a great Healer.  He gives new life when all seems lost and is lost.  He is a resurrector of all things dead. (Is. 43:19; 2 Cor. 5:17; Ps. 30:11-12)

He is His Word, the Bible.  And how thankful I am for all those pages of Scripture. (Jn. 1:1)

He is the Father and Keeper of Israel.  And we must continue to support His people if we want to remain a blessed people as well.  He has adopted/grafted me in as if I were a Jew.  (Gen. 12:2-3; 1 Ptr. 2:9-10; Rom. 11:11-25)

He wants me to make the most of every opportunity, to bloom where I am planted, to "wherever I am, be all there."  (Eph. 5:16)

He is Comforter and guide and the Light that exposes and drives out all darkness. (2 Cor. 1:3-4; Is. 30:21; Jn. 1:5)

He is a Daddy who wraps His arms around me...soothes, cradles, and rocks me when life is tumbling down around me.  He is the eye of the storm.  My hair swirls around me, yet there is peace in Him and so I sit calmly in the midst. (Rom. 8:15; Is. 26:3)

He is so much that no one can look on Him and live.  But one day He will come and take me and I will be with Him forever.  He will one day rule earth and do so righteously.  The peace and justice we so earnestly desire will come only when Jesus is King of this world. (Ex. 33:20; 1 Ths. 4:17; Rev. 20)

He is in the details.  He causes me to be creative because He is the Creator and I am in His image.

He is the center of my life.  The reason I do everything I do and my motivation in doing it.  He sees me fall numerous times a day and still loves me and helps me up.  (Col. 3:23-24)

He is the Father to the fatherless, Defender of the widow, and satisfaction of everything we long for in our lives.  No one can find wholeness, completion, fulfillment, or satisfaction apart from Him. (Ps. 68:5-6; Jn. 14:6)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Breaking the cords of the Constitution?

"We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality an religion.  Avarice (excessive greediness), ambition, revenge, or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net.  Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." ~John Adams

No wonder Obama sees the Constitution as a document of "negative liberties."

The Constitution was created to limit government.  Do you want to make decisions for your family or do you want a president and other "smarter-than-you-but-don't-care-about-you" politicians creating "rights" for your family?  "We the people" are the first three words of the Constitution for good reason.  The government is about you, not about Obama or whoever else wants to trample all over your freedoms.  Be loud, be persistent, don't sit idly by while your freedoms are stripped away from you.  Humble yourself, pray, seek God's face. (2 Chr. 7:14)  Exhibit faith, hope, and love ...even toward those who are trying to ruin you, but don't tolerate or allow them to take what God has given.  This is so hard.  Temper anger with love.  Knowing that Jesus died for them as much as for those of us who love Him with all our hearts.  "Forgive them, Father, for they do not know what they do."  Or do they?  Be loving, be strong.  Familiarize yourself with our true history (I'll give you a hint that you won't find it in the public school, government-written textbooks), and the Constitution, and the fact that freedom is God-given, not Nancy Pelosi-given.  Open your eyes & recognize that the government has been and will continue to influence you through media, the government-run school system, universities...  It's called brain-washing, folks.  Think for yourself.  Question everything and discover the truth for yourself and then cling to it with everything you have!  Have conviction.

"If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to.  This is the last stand on earth."  ~Ronald Reagan.  It's true.  Is Antarctica still inhabitable?  Darn!  Where else can we go?  Hold on to tightly and fight for what you have because once it's gone, it's gone.