Monday, April 26, 2010

Quiet times when you're a mom. Is that possible?

Life certainly goes through dry spells, but I feel like I am finally (since having my babies) having time for deep Bible study and have a new and heartfelt passion for this great nation. So, suddenly I have something to say. I am currently in the process of becoming a Prayer Action Leader for Concerned Women for America. And I may attend a training in Denver for another outlet I think the Lord may use to encourage moms to make the most of their opportunities with those precious children they have influence over. It is with a ministry called Wholeheart or Mom Heart. is the website. The speaker, Sally Clarkson, has a fantastic blog that I don't ever miss.

It's so hard to have quiet times with the Lord when you have little ones. But by reading them Bible stories, listening to Christian music, and singing Bible songs, you are doing the right thing. I was just reading about Mary giving her gift to Jesus before His crucifixion. "She did what she could."  (Mk. 14:3-9)  For now, you are doing what you can.  He knows your heart, for sure.  I got a book a couple of years ago ("Mom... and Loving It!").  I still haven't read it, but there was one chapter that intrigued me and was the reason I bought it. The chapter is called "Loud Times with God." Haha! I loved that! Isn't that so how it is when you have kids?  Kids are the bomb!!!!! Though, they do make it hard for anything to actually be quiet. LOL!

"Mission to Motherhood" by Sally Clarkson changed my life. I highly recommend. I was one grumpy, selfish momma before I read that book.  (Not that I'm not grumpy and selfish now, but there is a slight improvement.)  Sally is excellent. I attend her mom's conferences every year. 

What's ironic is that right now as I am trying to be an encouraging mom I have walked into the boys room at least 5 times threatening them with everything but death if they don't go to sleep. LOL!

Nothing is perfect and even when we are trying to be the "perfect" whatever, God reminds us how absolutely dependent on Him we are.

(This is a summary of a chat I had earlier today with my sweet friend, Deanna Bloomer.)

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