Miriam is a treasured group of ladies (and sometimes children) of the Christian Center in Borrego Springs, California.  Our heart's desire is to worship, praise, glorify, and rejoice in God, our Father, and our Lord, Jesus Christ through dance.
And Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron took a timbrel in her hand; and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dances." ~Exodus 15:20
I am doing solo work right now as my life is just a wee bit too busy to schedule rehearsals.  If you would like me to dance for your church or event, please contact me at mourning2dancing@1791.com.  
Like An Avalanche by Hillsong United.  Danced at a Borrego Springs community recital in May 2016.  Choreographed and danced by Kori Peterson.

Alive by Natalie Grant.  Danced for Easter 2014.  Choreographed and danced by Joanna Mellor and Kori Peterson.

Hallelujah by Kelley Mooney.  Created in honor of our precious friend, Tom Story, who went suddenly into the presence of Jesus.  How we miss him.   Performed Easter Sunday, 2012.

The English word "hallelujah" is a transliterations of two Hebrew words, hallelu and jah.  The first word, hallelu, is the second person imperative of "praise."  The second word, "jah," is the short form of Jahweh (or Yahweh).
So when we say, "Hallelujah!" we are exhorting others (people and angles) to join us in praising Yahweh.
What gives punch to my singing, "Hallelujah," is that Jah (=Yahweh) is not a generic word for God, but the personal name of the God of Israel. 
To shout, "Hallelu Jah!" - "Praise Jah!" is like standing in the council of the gods and boldly saying, "Not to you, Molech!"  "Not to you, Baal!"  "Not to you, Dagon!"  "Not to you, Artemis!"  "Not to you, Zeus!"  But to Jah, and Jah alone, I give praise. And I call you to going me!  Praise Jah!
And not only is Jah God's personal name, but it is the one He gave Himself to distinguish Himself from all the gods.  And it is thrilling in meaning.
When Moses asked God what name he should use to identify God in Egypt, God said, "I AM WHO I AM. Say this to the people of Israel, 'I AM has sent me to you." (Ex. 31:4)
The name Yahweh is built on the words "I AM."  So God put his absolute, transcendent, self-sufficient being at the center of his identity.  "All the gods of the people are worthless idols, but Yahweh made the heavens."  (Ps. 96:5)'
So, the next time you sing "Hallelujah" pause for a split second between "hallelu" and "Jah" and say it like a name.  We praise you . . . Jah!  You are above all gods . . . Jah!  Joing me, all you heavenly hosts, and praise . . . Jah!  He is!   He simply, eternally, absolutely, independently, gloriously, IS!  Hallelu . . . Jah!
Mary, Did You Know? by The Katina's.  I rolled my ankle halfway through this particular performance so please forgive any wobbliness or uncertainty.  I was in quite a bit of pain.  Danced Christmas Eve 2011.

I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me.  Danced for our dear Joyce who we lost to cancer on June 7, 2010.  She is sitting in the front row with the black hat on.

There is None Like You choreographed and taught for a workshop for the Saddleback Dance Ministry.  Performed here by Kori.  April 16, 2011.

Down To The River/Gospel Ship.  Danced on April 16, 2011.  Dancers: Winnie, Joannna, Eva, Rose, Karen, Angie, and myself.


photo gallery
"There Is None Like You"
April 16, 2011
"The Good Ol' Way"
Karen, Joanna, Kori, Winnie, Rose, Angie, & Eva
April 16, 2011
"Breath of Heaven"
Christmas 1997-ish
l-r: Kara, Michelle, Jeannie, Kori

in rehearsal
l-r: Jeannie, Kara, Michelle, Kori

Christmas: Here Now and Forever in San Diego.  1997-ish
l-r: Marlise, Kori D., Michelle, Lindsay, Kori W., Kara, Marian, Jeannie

Paramount, CA - 1998
back row, l-r: Jeannie, Ariel, Marlise, Rena
front row, l-r: Karen, Kris, Kori

prayer before a performance

Capilla de Gracia, Tecate, Mexico
We'd dance an outreach with Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa
on a basketball court and spend the rest of our day refurbishing
the church or helping out with whatever need they had.
l-r: Georgia, Kori, Kara, Ariel, Michelle, Marilyn