Saturday, November 5, 2016

Are you complaining about our presidential nominee choices?

If you find yourself complaining about the presidential options, please consider this commentary by Rick Green from Constitution Alive!:
"...instead of just showing up in November and complaining about the options...  It's easy to show up to the party and look at all the desserts on the table and say, 'Well, I don't like any of these.  Where's my gooey, chewy chocolate chip?' or whatever.  We complain about what's there. ---  It takes a little work to show up a little early and get in the kitchen.  We need to show up a little early and get in the kitchen and be a part of mixing up the ingredients that will provide for the options when everybody else shows up. --- That's what I'm asking you to do.  Get inside the mixing bowl of our process that [the Framers of the Constitution] created.  Don't just show up in November; get involved long before that. --- The options are going to be better if we're involved in the primaries...  If you do that, you'll get a better choice in November. --- I'm asking you to give up your lives (your time), your fortunes (supporting good causes and good candidates), and your sacred honor (the willingness to speak the truth and not be afraid and let the chips fall where they may)."

If you were instrumental in the primary process, then complain away! LOL!  Otherwise.....
Just sayin'.

Love you to pieces!  ...even if you were a sideliner. ;) But I wish you would engage!  Join me and so many others.  Let's save our nation!  (If it's not too late after this next administration.)

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