Thursday, April 15, 2010

correspondence with a friend

From my sweet friend:

My parents were very involved in politics and I grew up in it. I am sorry but the Lord really doesn't lead me to be moved by much of it! I guess, I mostly believe that if we want a king well get whatever that king brings to the table.

I really believe God's plan is being worked out in the earth. He has shown through Godly men and women how wonderful His plan for us in this country can be. Now the ungodly are showing what greed and evil can do. I pray for all that feel led to be involved in politics. However Jesus did not rival against the Roman government. So I follow Christ's example.

I am thinking about and being led to pray through the capitol building. If God opens the doors for me to speak with anyone, the truth that He is reigning over us and of our need to repent and follow Him, I will.

I am at peace, and I believe love is our only weapon against hardness and rebellion. Hebrews 12:14-15 Pursue peace with all people and holiness, without which no one will see the lord. Looking carefully least anyone fall short of the grace of God; least any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble and by this many become defiled.

Love in Christ...
My response:

That's the bummer... I don't want a king and the founders certainly didn't either.  They had just given their English king the boot. Even when George Washington was asked to lead the country, he said that he should not be a king. But a President who would willingly give up his power after a designated time of service.

The scripture is true and beautiful. What a fine balance we must have regarding the issues we face. And I love your heart to pray through the capitol building.

I have struggled with whether or not it is totally in vain to fight for our freedoms when we know the stage is being set for the rapture, the anti-Christ, and the Great Tribulation. Certainly God is in control. Please view my blog post here (if you would like) regarding this very subject. (I actually started a Bible study on it and am still working on it ...when I have the chance). The answer I came up with for what we must do is: 1. trust God, 2. seek out the truth and make it known, and 3. be loving (1 Thess. 5:8). So, I do agree with you. Though, I struggle with not being bitter.

I also thought the same of Jesus' example...He was in the midst of an oppressive tyrannical government. Yes, He went with the flow and kept things personal rather than political. Serving, loving, changing lives on a personal level. But, you and I have been blessed to be born in a free country and we shouldn't just sit passively by and let it be stripped away from us.  Especially when we are the government...according to the Constitution. Where else can we go? What if we are no longer free to worship Jesus? We must stand for righteousness. What about my two sweet sons? What will they think and say if I do nothing while their future and freedom is at stake? If I do nothing, then no one will. And big government corruption will be obstacle-free to subvert the great work of our founders and we will be forced to participate in an ungodly government system. We are already guilty of this. You and I pay for the killing of the unborn babies... How absolutely horrific! Nationalized healthcare is theft. How do we as citizens opt out of something that we are mandated to do but is not God-honoring? Will we be held accountable? We are forced into sin. I sin enough all by myself, I don't need someone to help me.

If, God forbid, we do end up in an oppressive, tyrannical government and liberty is lost forever, then yes, I will stop speaking politics and do what I can do: keep things personal only. But, for now, while we have these coveted (by some) freedoms, I think I will keep things personal AND political. So that my children may have a "future and a hope" in case Jesus doesn't return tomorrow.

"So, for the person who knows to do good and doesn't do it, it is a sin." ~James 4:17

If I may add....Many wanted Jesus to take His rightful place as King, but it wasn't time for that yet. But, His time is coming, and we know from Revelation that He will come and will make no bones about throwing the dictator of all time in his rightful place and it won't be pretty for him. But, oh, how we rejoice at what is to come!! So, can we follow Jesus' example in a yet-to-be-fulfilled, but surely-will-be-fulfilled prophecy? :) Yes, be loving, be peaceful. He calls us to love our enemies and so we must.  I say this now, but I definitely struggle with it.  My motives are constantly in question.  Ugh!  What a wretch I am!

I, also, feel that we must do what we are called to. This is my calling right now (one of them, anyway) and it may not be yours. I respect that. Please be gracious to me because I have to speak my heart and convictions.

Much love, K

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