Monday, April 12, 2010

Independent thinking

We have been watching a couple of episodes of "Life", a program on Discovery Channel which is saturated in the evolutional agenda.  I want the boys to become critical thinkers and think for themselves.  I was pondering this yesterday...that I want to be very careful, in all my passions for the Lord and for our country, that the boys draw their own conclusions about such controversial subjects and decide for themselves what to think and believe.  They are only 4 & 5.  But I am to "train them up in the way they should go" so "when they are old they will not depart from it."  Creation, God, our founders Providential intent for the USA is true and accurate.  There is no question about whether it is right or wrong to teach such foundations.  However, they must learn to think for themselves.  We discuss such issues as much as is possible for these precious young minds.

Just a little bit of what is in my head today.


  1. we have been watching it too kori. satan has such a hold on peoples minds who don't want to think deep! the narrator first says that without bee's and birds, nothing would be pollenated, and then right after says that plants have been thrivings and covering the whole earth's surface for millions of years when bee's and birds were non existent! oxymoron? i wish people would investigate what is fed to them a little more.

    on another note, i was going to tell you, i saw that the history channel is doing a program called "america, the story of us" and i thought you would find that very interesting!
    love ya girl! -meg

  2. oxymoron or moron? hmmmmm.... :)
    The history channel is doing a series on America. I sure hope they don't make up their own stuff.