Monday, July 20, 2009

Si's 4th Birthday

Silas is 4! What the heck!!!! How did that happen?!!?!
Jamie and I were at CHEA on Si's big day so we had to celebrate the next day. He wanted to go roller skating. So we did. The boys did pretty good on their skates. A little wobbly at first but eventually they were getting along pretty well. They didn't make it off the carpet for long, but that's ok. So, do any of you remember your first roller skating experience? I do! Holding onto the wall for dear life. The boys were far more brave than I. And had fantastic attitudes too! After our skating, we headed up to Julian and spent about a week camping. As soon as we got to our trailer, we locked ourselves out! Holy moley!!! Yeah, that took a while. Thank goodness the cake was outside the trailer. I had to borrow plates and forks from our dear friends who were camping with us. But we had cake!!!

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  1. Looking more and more like Jamie! Such a cutie! Can't wait to see you... ONE WEEK!!!!!