Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oksana...the Cliff's Notes version

Things have been difficult at Jamie's brother's house for Oksana and so we offered for her to stay with us this summer.  We thought maybe they all could collect their thoughts and take a break from the tension that has grown there. She has had the most enormous wall built up.  No one could even speak to her.  She was getting into trouble at school: bad grades, fights, stealing things, etc.  She's been in trouble at home.  The list goes on and on. 

She stayed with us this summer and we have come to truly adore her.  We've had her with us since school let out except for our trip and the home school conference.  We have always loved her, of course, but getting to know her and going through some ups and downs together has really bound us to one another.    At every confrontation, the Lord really gave us the frame of mind and words to evoke a compliant response from her.  Praise the Lord.  My verse in dealing with her "surprises" and "hiccups" has been "A gentle answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger."  (Proverbs 15:1)  Our most major issue has been the way she dresses and her makeup.  Modesty has been totally lacking and we have set the bar pretty high.  One day,  I had enough of the attitude so I asked Jamie to speak to her and he did.  We cleared up the matter and the next day she told my pastor's wife that she wanted to live with us.  We didn't know this yet, though.  We had shared with her that we would love to have her live with us if her dad would allow it and she wanted to, but she never seemed interested all summer.  She had said she wanted to go back to her school and friends.  So, I never pressed the issue.  Then, one day, she said she wanted to talk to us.

About a week and a half before our trip, she told Jamie and I that she wanted to talk to us. So, soon thereafter, she sat us down in our living room and showed us these little slips of paper that she threw into a bowl symbolic of what she wanted to give up for the Lord.  Things like boys, inappropriate clothing, bad friends, bad music, "coolness", etc.  We were pretty impressed.  She then told us that she wanted to live with us and she wanted me to home school her.  She had started reading her Bible and joining us for family devotions and we could see her countenance and attitude changing.  And the wall she had was gone.  Halleluiah!  I took her to a church women's dinner the next night and she looked so peaceful and relaxed and unconcerned with her makeup, hair, vanity.

Jamie took her to the "Rebelution" conference ( on July 26th.   

She is a new girl!  Not to say that there won't be more "surprises" and there is much of her past in Russia that I would like to help her to find healing in Jesus.

So, please pray for us.  Especially regarding the home schooling and discipling her.  

I am excited and nervous, but I know undoubtedly that God has arranged this.  It was heavy on my heart earlier this year to adopt and now, I think I know why.  God was preparing me for a new daughter.  

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  1. The touch of God throughout our lives is always important to look for. Sometimes when God is speaking to us, it's not the answer we always were hoping for, or we aren't listening well enough to hear exactly what He is saying. Everything happens for a reason and everything is a preparation for what is yet to come. God won't give us what we can't handle, so He gives us the little preparations along the way. God is touching your family in a very special way. Bless you for listening to His calls. Nothing is impossible with the Lord, and as you embark on your new journey, take comfort in the fact that you have someone to turn to. It's ok to say, "ok, I'm doing this for You, but it's really hard right now. Give me the strength just to get through this minute right now. I know I'll be fine tomorrow, but right now is really hard". Kori, you are a special person, with a huge heart, who God is using in so many ways. So many people don't pay attention when the door is knocking. Take care. Prayers for your family, Jen