Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Over

Oksana went home last night.

We have required no rules for her or consequences for her offenses (and believe me, there have been some doozies!).  So, we laid down the law yesterday, and she got angry, attacked me verbally (expletives) and physically, and then ran out of our house.  She was found by a neighbor a couple of hours later.  We packed as much up as possible.  Her dad and grandparents came to the house to pick up her stuff, did not say 2 words to us, and left.  They picked Oksana up at our friend's home and she is gone.

Disappointed and sad.  Under attack by those who should know and appreciate our efforts.  God knows.

Here's to getting out of your comfort zone for the glory of matter what happens and no matter what people think.

One thing I must mention:  I have an amazing and wonderful husband.  He stood up for me (in front of me...taking the blows) and defended me to his family.  He truly is a Godly man who loves Jesus and his family above all.  I don't know why God has blessed me so dearly with such a man, but I am so very thankful.  And these few sentences in no way sufficiently describe him.

Thank you for your prayers as we have been on this adventure.  We have learned so much and have had opportunity to serve the Lord.  He is a passionate and loving God.

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