Tuesday, January 19, 2010

history lesson

This is soooo important.  I don't recommend your children seeing it (unless they are older), but make sure you watch Glenn Beck on Friday, January 22.  He airs on Fox News channel at 2pm & 11pm Pacific Time (5pm & 2am Eastern).  He is airing a documentary on Karl Marx, Mao Tse Tung, Stalin, etc...which many in Washington D.C. and some young people consider great philosophers.  This is frightening and we should know the truth so we can share it with our children.  The program lasts only an hour.  DVR it and watch it with your family. 

One of my favorite authors/teachers is Sally Clarkson and a phrase she often repeats is: "In the absence of Biblical Conviction, our children will go the way of culture."  I would like to add to the knowledge of scripture, truth.  Truth of our wonderful American History and, really, of all things.  Our culture is diving into oppression.  Do we really want our children, and our nation to go there?  Know the truth of all things.  Search it out for yourself and don't believe everything the news and the government tells you without first searching it out for yourself.

Also, there is a free webcast of a Constitution Town Hall on January 30, 9am-3pm Eastern (6am-noon Pacific).  It is a free webcast but you have to register for it on www.constitutiontownhall.com .  Do you know your Constitution?  Know it, please!  I don't know it well, either.  But I am learning!  This webcast will help familiarize you with our wonderful Constitution.  The topics to be discussed are: the ten core principles of America's founding, understanding the meaning of the Constitution, Constitution & the Civil War (& Abraham Lincoln).  This is a great home schooling opportunity.

You all know I am a total freak!!!  LOL!  Jesus, my family, and my country are the deep passions of my heart.  Please, please consider what I have written here.  "You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."  (John 8:32)  Let's not put our freedom in danger because of ignorance, disinterest, or failure to take action & stand for what is true.  Once freedom is lost, it is nearly impossible to gain back and, then, not without much, & quite possibly the ultimate, sacrifice.

Love you all dearly. You are moms of the next generation's leaders and citizens.  

Have a happy, blessed week!

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