Sunday, October 23, 2011

today God healed my dog

Today was Borrego Days and the first in 6 years that I wasn't organizing and staging the parade.  So, the boys and I readied our bikes for a ride to the parade route.  I asked them to go into the car and grab umbrellas to keep the sun off of them.  Lily (our dog) had been out with the boys and Jamie.  I was inside gathering things together for our day out in Borrego enjoying the Festival.
We loaded our bikes and were about to leave when Jamie said that the dog was missing.

We looked through the house and called for her but to no avail.

She likes to roam the neighborhood so we figured she was out and about and would make her way home soon.   So, the boys and I set off and were gone until about 4pm while Jamie periodically stopped by the house to check to see if Lily had returned.  She hadn't.  We were getting very concerned...especially as the day was nearing dusk.

We had planned a barbecue at our house tonight.  I decided to pull the bounce house out of the garage for my boys to play on.  I went back and forth between the front yard and the garage a few times and was on my way back for one final time to retrieve an extension cord when I heard a noise from inside of my car.  I ran to the back driver's side door and opened it, and there on the floor was Lily!  She had been in the car for 10 hours...and our high temp here in Borrego today was 98.  Needless to say she was incredibly disoriented and weak. I couldn't believe she was alive.

Apparently when the boys went to the car to get their umbrellas, Lily had jumped into the car so she wouldn't be left at home.  Jamie and I never knew she was in there and the boys...being children weren't paying much attention.  I had asked Jamie earlier in the day to check the cars in case we had opened any of them up to grab something and didn't realize she was in there.  He checked, but never saw her.  She is black and the interior of my car is black.

I ran to get her some water but she was too disoriented to drink so I carried her into the house and gave her water from my hand.  She slowly regained some of her strength but was incredibly wobbly and seemed confused.  We began to be concerned about neurological damage and severe dehydration, so we beat feet to an animal urgent care hospital in Escondido.
I was so upset and emotional and blamed myself over and over for not looking hard enough for her.  I sat in the backseat with her while Jamie drove.  I texted several friends and asked for prayer.  She was so unsettled and kept moving, adjusting, and being anxious.  I knew I should pray fervently for this dog.  I felt ridiculous doing it for a dog but I placed my hands on her little head and prayed that God would heal her brain wholly.  Soon, she settled into a comfortable position and rested until we arrived at the animal hospital.  Jamie was rushing to get to the hospital and he said, "Every time I think of passing another car, I hear, 'Oh you of little faith.'"  So, I prayed aloud and we calmly proceeded to our destination.

As soon as we got there, she was checked out and everything seemed completely normal.  They ran some blood tests and other than signs of dehydration (duh!) she was perfectly normal.  She even ran out to us and jumped on us and cried to leave and sniffed around the lobby, etc.

It is now 12:39 A.M. and Jamie and I just returned home from the vet (a 3-hour drive roundtrip).  Our Lily is back to normal.  I do not want to be ignorant of God's work here and so I want to record this here and now.  I can not believe the dog I pulled out of that baking hot car is home, eating, chasing a fly around the kitchen, and now sleeping in her bed beside me.  God, thank You so much that You care for our silly doggies.  Thank You.


  1. That is a beautiful story. I am so glad that God wrote a happy ending and your sweet boys still have their dog and now a testimony of God's faithfulness. Love you.

  2. Hi Kori,
    You have wonderful testimony about your dog here. I bumped onto your blog this morning, and you have no clue how much this post improved my faith that God can work miracles even for the animals, as they are also His creation. Right now my pet dog is fighting against a terrible infection and cancer. I request you to please pray for us as a family. My mom is the only person who is taking care of him right now.

    Your blog has been a wonderful inspiration for me. God bless you and your family abundantly for the wonderful work that you are doing for Jesus!

  3. Oh, I'm so glad this encouraged you.
    Yes, I will pray for your sweet dog. I often look at our Lily and marvel that God would create such a unique animal that can snuggle up next to us and be such a fantastic companion and comfort. I literally look at her sometimes and think, "Weird! There's a 4-legged creature living in my house!" Ha!

    Father, will you touch this one's dog who You created. Our animals are so dear to us, Lord, and such members of our families. Please cause this sweet dog to be comfortable and bring peace to his family. And heal, Lord, if it is Your will. And may we grow closer to You in every big and little trial we face. Amen.

  4. All of our lovely pets who are part of our family are God's. He graces us to care for them and have them in our lives. God created animals and us, but He created them for Himself. They are special in His sight and the Bible is full of His caring love for them. So thankful for His healing touch on them. My rabbit has a tumor that can't be operated on, she needs God's healing touch as well. It's in her chest and impeding her breathing. She needs God's loving touch. She is absolutely adorable and so very loving and sweet.

  5. Dear Kori, I’m so glad I’ve found your page. Please excuse my English, I’m writing you from Germany and try my best. I'm so happy and thankful God did this miracle for you! I'd like to please you and all Jesuslovers with all my heart to pray for my little dog, because I’m sure, God is listening and He is going to heal her, because I’m his child and he loves me and he loves my dog, even much more than I do. My little Dog’s name is Lila, spoken like leela. She is just 6 Months old. For round about one and a half week now she is showing symptoms of the fly catcher’s syndrome, which can have severe neurological condition as underlying disorder, but I do not beleve this for my dog. I am praying and begging Jesus every day he may heal hear. I believe He will, no matter how much the devel is gonna to fear me. I believe in JESUS, Jesus loves me and Jesus loves Lila. He is gonna help us, because he is full of love, even when I haven’t deserve it for sure. Please pray for my little Lila, for her healing. She shall live a looooong happy and healthy life, and all the deamons and illnesses and the devel shall leave her in peace forever, because the blood of Jesus is on her and protects her. Please pray for her healing, I beg you. I’m going to update you for sure. God bless you all and all your Pets.

  6. Hello precious Anna,
    I felt so silly being so upset about our Lily and for interceding so hard for her...especially when there are such travesties in the world. But, the fact is, God cares and He did do a miracle with her. He cares for the things that we care about and that touch us. It does convict me to pray more diligently for people suffering around the world. I will pray for your sweet Lila. Our pets are our family for sure. I often think of how totally cool it is that God allows these fun little creatures to live in homes with us. And almost solely for the simple purpose of enjoyment and companionship. :) Doesn't it make you dream of what life was like in Eden and how it will one day be again when Jesus reigns righteously on this earth? Where "the wolf and the lamb will lay down together and a little child will lead them." Come quickly, Lord Jesus, how we want Your perfection on this planet.

    Bless you, Anna. Praying for your Lila today...and for you.


  7. Dear Kori what a nice blog.thank you. I too have a dog in a battle against cancer. I have prayed so hard for him . I believe he is healed. however is taking a while for his body to receive it. please help me to pray for max to continue getting better. I will be praying for all the people who are believing for their pets to be healed as well according to God's will.. God thank you for caring for all the creatures big and small. and for giving us the oportunity to love them and take care of them may all our prayers get answer according to your will. AMEN