Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I have been reading the 1828 Elementary Catechism of the Constitution… to my boys for the last several months.  We finished it today.  

So, as the public school system, this administration, our judges, Congress try to rewrite the Constitution, cause it to be irrelevant, omit it completely, or just ignore it; we were reading this heart grabbing nugget today:

"…remember that this precious Constitution, thus wise, thus just, is your birthright.  It has been earned for you by your fathers, who counseled much, labored long, and shed their dearest blood, to win it for their children.  To them, it was the fruit of toil and danger -- to you, it is a gift.  Do not slight it on that account, but prize it as you ought.  It is yours, no human power can deprive you of it, but your own folly and wickedness.  To undervalue, is one of the surest ways to lose it.  Take pains to know what the Constitution is -- the more you study, the higher you will esteem it.  The better you understand your own rights, the more likely you will be to preserve and guard them."

I wept as I read these words…almost 200 years old.  True.  Prophetic.  Hope-filled…if we will break free of our national ignorance and cling to the freedoms entrusted to us; and fight with everything that is within us to secure our liberty.

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