Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yes, I'm still reading David McCullough's John Adams.  Yes, sometimes it takes an eternity for me to finish a book.  No, this does NOT mean it's a bad book.  It is one of the best I have ever read.  I'm just easily distracted, busy, and often a terrible manager of my time, and a flawed person.  :)

John Adams in his retirement correspondence with Dr. Benjamin Rush:
Is the present state of the republic enough?  Is virtue the principle of our government? Is honor? Or is ambition and avarice, adulation, baseness, covetousness, the thirst for riches, indifference concerning the means of rising and enriching, the contempt of principle, the spirit of party and of faction the motive and principle that governs?

My friend!  Our country is a masquerade!  No party, no man dares to avow his real sentiments.  All is disguise, vizard, cloak.

 Absolute power in a majority is as drunk as it is in one.

If worthless men are sometimes at the head of affairs, it is, I believe, because worthless men are at the tail and middle. 
This last quote...  As I tirelessly fight and work for the future of a once great nation, I understand the power of the electorate and how greatly we have failed to properly and responsibly perform our duty at the polls.  We are uninformed and ignorant of the policies of these whom we vote for, of the Constitution, of our history.  Granted, it is so time-consuming to pursue these things, but it is so important.  At least, we ought to ally ourselves with those whom we know the character of and trust who are pursuing these truths.  And let them guide.  Question everything.  But as our dear Abraham Lincoln said: "Be sure to set your feet in the right place, and then stand firm."

Friends, know where you stand, and know if that place is true and right...not just aligned to your opinion and/or desires.  Truth exists and can be known.  "Follow the truth wherever it leads."  ...even if you don't like it.  Reality is reality and truth is truth regardless of our perception of it.

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