Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Those pesky delegates

Every time an election season comes around, I'm on another learning curve.  This time it's all about the delegate process.  Primary vs Caucus.  Closed vs Open.  Bound vs Unbound.

I still can't wrap my whole head around it but the mussy water is clearing a teeny bit.  Here are some resources in case you have wanted to learn more about the process:

  • This chart has been helpful to me to follow as we go from caucuses/primaries state to state.
  • A good article about how to become a GOP delegate.
  • This helpful page sheds light on bound vs unbound delegates.
  • About rule 40B.
  • An interesting vid.
I hope that helps.  It, at least, can begin to give us a little clue about how it all works.

This, of course, is a wacky system.  Our Founders did not desire a party system, but in a whopping two Presidential elections, the party system appeared.  So, it is what it is.  The states determine how their election process works.  And each party makes its own rules.  There, of course, can be much debate over this, but for the informative purposes of this post, we won't get into that now.

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  1. Thanks for all the great information on how delegates work...I didn't know it was so involved and 'revolving'! ;)
    Hope you and your family are totally well now, and are excited about Texas. Praying for you all!
    Susan G.