Friday, September 2, 2011

Dolphin Tale

This movie tells Hollywood to rally behind films that "get it right" and tell great stories without all the junk, twaddle, and moral compromise!  It has all the good stuff we want more of and is truly entertaining and inspiring from ages 5-95!!!

It's a story that affirms who we are as homeschoolers and what we stand for.  It's time Hollywood hears us.

This movie even has two homeschool kids who play the main roles!  (The casting agents went to a local support group in California and found them.)

It is a family movie that will inspire, instruct, and bring you to tears because of the great story line. 

The bottom line is that the Homeschool Movie Club wants to show Hollywood that those of us with Christian and strong family values are a big enough market to support other great movies with traditional, conservative family values.  

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Here's what Sally Clarkson has to say.
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