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more from the Sharia Law Briefing

(I mentioned in my previous post that we attended a Sharia Law Briefing on Capitol Hill while we were in D.C.  Here is more on that.)

A few bullet points about Islam, Muhammed, and Sharia Law that I gleaned from the Sharia Law briefing:

  • Muhammed was born in 570 A.D.  He was a religious, political, and military leader...which means that Islam is a religious, political, and militant system...which makes sense when you consider even some of our limited understanding of this religion.
  • Muhammed spent 12 years in Mecca.  During this time, he established Islam as a peaceful religion (no mention of violence) and the first half of the quran reflects this attitude.  Later, Muhammed went to Medina where he and Islam took a political, militant, hostile, and violent turn (relentless forcing of religion with the sword).  The second half of the quran reflects this violence.
  • Muhammed once took a 9-year-old as his wife.  (This practice continues today.)
  • Slavery is at a peak today...and mostly in Muslim nations.
  • Islam is the opposite of freedom and liberty.
  • Muslim peace = world Islam
  • In the 1st century, Rome and China traded openly...until Muslim dominance closed off trade routes.  This is why Christopher Columbus sought an alternate trade route to the east.  Didn't learn that in your history textbooks, did ya?  Me neither.
  • Religious Islam is ok.  Political Islam is not ok.  If they can separate the two, we'd be just fine... problem is that Islam is not only religious.  As mentioned before, Islam is religious, political, and militant.  That's a problem.  Since they can't separate the religious form the political, neither should we.
  • Sharia Law was started by Assan Awana (sp?) in the 1920's.  It is man-made but believed to be God's law.
  • AIG (yeah, the AIG that your tax-dollars bailed out) offers Sharia compliant services.
  • The secularism of society (kinda like what we've become in America) is a transition phase for Sharia.  Departing from a moral/religious foundation to secularism/religious tolerance is an open door to Muslim extremists.  They take advantage of religious freedom to gain political jurisdiction.  Infiltrating until their numbers and strength are enough to dominate a society --- using "peace," friendliness, and even tolerance to their benefit until they have settled in and become strong enough to oppress and destroy.  Their is no loyalty to anything non-Muslim.  A seemingly good friend will easily stab you in the back if it benefits Islam and Sharia.
  • Muslim men are encouraged to rape infidels (non-Muslims).
  • A few references to women in the quran (there are 214):  "deficient in mind and religion"; "not equal to man in testimony"; inheritance is half that of a man; no equality; must be veiled; seen as a dog or donkey in interrupting the prayer of men; compared to a sheep, cow, or camel because (sorry about the disgust in this) "all of them are mounted"; a husband is allowed to strike her, abandon her in bed, imprison her to death; can be purchased as a prostitute at the whim of men; men may divorce for any reason;  most of the inhabitants of hell are women.
  • Many moderate Muslims are good citizens.  However, fundamentalists view these as apostates and traitors.  Should moderate Muslims become "faithful," they must follow the quran explicitly.  (Say goodbye to the peaceful part.)
  • Nazism = corruption, terrorism, dictatorship.  Islam is the same.
  • The U.S.'s attitude toward Sharia is to "manage chaos," not to understand the idealogy. This could easily become fatal to our nation.
  • Sharia/Islam politics = 1 party totalitarian state
Noni Darwish was born in Cairo and grew up in Gaza.  She escaped and came to the U.S. in 1978.  She strongly impressed upon us Sharia's hatred of women stating that "women bring life and civility which is why Sharia oppresses women.  Sharia loves dominance, death, and tyranny.  They hate women (who love life and civility) and therefore demean them so they can focus on Jihad."  (Meaning if men avoid valuing women, then their focus can be undivided toward Jihad.)  She tied in the fact that polygamy destroys women and children which works out great if you want to dominate --- an impossible task unless you are lacking a loving, civil conscience.  She also said that Sharia is vigilante justice and pedophilia; and must be illegal.  (She should know, she grew up in a Sharia-saturated culture.)

Don't be an Islam-aphobe.  Be a Sharia-phobe.  It is the forcing of this despotic law that must be resisted.  We must not be intolerant of religious faiths, but allow freedom as we are allowed to be free.  "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." (1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States)

As brutal as these people can be, we must not be against Muslims, but against Islam.  These precious hearts: men and women are loved by Creator God; and are horribly deceived by satan.  
We must possess these qualities in reaching out to Muslims.  And try to communicate to them the Trinity: Jesus is God in the flesh.
(Thanks to Father Botros for these prayer points.)

Do you know any Muslims?  My dear friend's dad is Muslim.  Moderately so.  And what a precious man he is.  I am so glad to know him and to love him...and hope to better understand his background and thoughts on what I have learned and noted above.


  • American Laws for American Courts must pass in all states, especially Michigan (Deerborn, anyone?).  Pray.  It has already passed in Tennessee, Louisiana, and Arizona.
  • ACLU and the Center for American Progress.  Both of these organizations are bad news and defend Sharia.
  • Understand that support for Sharia Law is chauvenism.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood is in the White House.  Know that Dalia Mogahed is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and works in our White House today.  
  • Speak out against Sharia.

For further information by the speakers who attended the Sharia Law Briefing and other resources (I will try to get the link to this briefing so you can hear this information for yourself.) :

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