Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What do I think of Monumental?

Last week, I saw Monumental and really loved it.  The Pilgrim's history is thorough and accurate from my own studies on the subject, and I loved the 3rd section on the Founding Fathers and the input from David Barton.

My only unsure spot was the interpretation of the Monument.  It seemed a little like it was pulled out of thin air.  I thought it a beautiful interpretation and probably even accurate, but didn't find it wholly credible during the viewing of the movie.  I would've really like if it could have been backed up with something a little more substantial than just the assumption of the interpreter.  I'm not saying that he was just making it up as he went, but it could be construed as such.  If I was a critic, that would be the first thing I would call into question.  I'd love to see a more definitive roadmap of how he came to this interpretive conclusion.  I do hope the Monumental resources cover this interpretation in more detail and with a firm backing.

Skepticism aside, there is much to the Monument and it is inspiring.  If you saw the detail and pure fullness of this sculpture, can you imagine the incredible thought and design that went into it?

Our theater was bursting at the seams.  My party sat in the fourth row and we were there plenty early.  It was very encouraging to see such an impressive turnout for something so desperately important.

As a Patriot mom, I sure appreciate what Kirk Cameron is doing to stir a love of our Providential history into the hearts of families.  May we all know the truth, and may the truth keep us ever free!

I really love that Monumental resources and even curriculum are available to those who need to start teaching a firm foundation of our American history to the next generation.  My prayer is that all American families will embrace our true history.

As Kirk closed the film, he emphasized the importance of not passing the blame, but taking responsibility within the walls of our own homes.  That was excellent.  Ronald Reagan said, "All great change in America begins at the dinner table." YES!

I exhort you all to raise your own precious little (and big) ones in Biblical and historical truth.  It is our children who will change the world.  As the pilgrims were, so we are stepping stones to our posterity.  Attend local public service meetings.  Speak truth.  Have a voice in the public square.  We must be involved in our families, and we must be involved in our communities.  Bottom up, not top down.

Do you think your children are too young for history?  No!  History is just a lot of really cool, true stories.  Better than fiction!  If your kids like stories (what child doesn't?), then they will LOVE history!  The story of Paul Revere and the Lexington Battle Green is invigorating!  And the pilgrims and!  Excitement, intrigue, adventure, love that stuff! 

If you are looking for books or resources to help guide you toward a love of history with your children, click on the "books & stuff" tab at the top of this blog.  I try to post our favorite history resources.  If your kids enjoy and memorize twaddle stories or even Bible stories, then they can totally love American history stories, too!  This ain't your dry, boring high school history course: the dull textbook and date-memorizing we had to laborious suffer through in school that cause our default perspective of history to be so dreadful and excruciating.  But, really, history is the best subject EVER!

The other day I was reading through Daniel's prayer in Daniel 9 and noticed how he cited the hand of God in Israel's history.  Isn't it so cool that Israel is so blessed in the fact that their history is God's history on earth? ...but we also, as Americans, have a unique history that no other nation (save Israel) can claim.  We have a Godly heritage.  We are truly a privileged nation. 


  1. Totally agree with everything here Kori! Even the part about how the Monument is "interpreted". It does seem a little idealized, and I wondered how those conclusions were found? I mean, it all sounds good, but yes, if someone wanted documentation on it, it seemed lacking?? Don't know....we will have to ask Kirk or someone who helped with the movie. By the way, I am going to Boston and Plymouth on a Kingsbury family history tour this Sept....because I found out my Kingsbury ancestors sailed over from England to Boston in 1630! So I am learning a lot of history through all this as well! (And I'm going to see the Monument in Plymouth too!!) Jen xx

  2. I so passionately agree an I'm not even an American! There is so much richness as we shuttle our children back in time to experience how men led and shaped our continent by character and virtues!!! We were lost in a biography of George Washington today that ended up consuming a wonderful hour of discussion and connection to Mordeci and the book of Esther -- how God honors and protects those who are faithful to Him!!! I am so thankful we homeschool so I too get to learn these truths fresh for myself as well as instill excitement in our kids.
    You are always so very inspiring to me, Kori, and I appreciate every standard you call me to. Thank you. Love you, dear friend!