Wednesday, August 8, 2012

don't judge.

I think we often confuse "judging" for identifying what is clearly right or wrong. We have discernment for a reason, so we can know what is right and wrong (not to mention that God clearly tells us most of it straight up). What a confused culture we live in where we can not clearly state what is right before our very eyes. It's like The Emperor's New Clothes. Still, in stating and discerning the obvious, it is not our place to condemn or hate anyone. We are to still be ever so loving. It is a bootcamp I am currently training in...and I am so glad for it. Because I firmly believe there is a way to honor people, not agree, but still love deeply. I am totally thrilled to learn this lesson. It is one I have been anxious to learn for a while now. Bring it!

In all I am currently dealing with, I was initially concerned that I might start fading the black and white lines to a hazy gray. And slip into compromise. But, quite the opposite has occurred. I feel and have total clarity regarding right & wrong, black & white, good & evil, truth & deception. Clarity like never before...and I'm already a pretty black & white gal. Where I first thought I could sort of sympathize and understand, I find that I simply can not understand. Crazy lies. Sad deception. Everything in nature is so obvious.  I can sympathize, though, with the idea that people live with gnawing secrets for too long. I think it so heart breaking that anyone would have to live that way.

I see that things are not as complicated as culture claims them to be. Today, I sat in a writing workshop while a discussion ensued over the issue of abortion. I silently observed. It ended with the dejected statement of surrender, “it's a complicated issue.” 
No, it's not. 
It is not complicated. 
Life is life. If it breathes, has a heartbeat and brainwaves, and is currently growing into a human being, then I think we can assess that it is a human life. And snuffing out that life is murder. Even a child knows this. 
It is our “forward thinking," endless & often unnecessary discussions that become confusing. Confusion seems to result in “it's complicated.” No, you're confused. Put yourself in your right mind and recognize what is before your own eyes. If we would just look at the very thing right before us and stop listening to the lies, then things become very clear. We listen to the lies and let them totally cloud out reason and proof. “The emperor is wearing a glamorous robe.” “Oh, have you ever seen such rich fabric?” “What an immaculate new wardrobe he has!” Everybody's saying it so it must be true, right? Then a child looks at us all like we have lost our minds (because we practically have), and states truly, “The emperor is naked.” And we all ought to glance at each other and start whispering amongst ourselves, “You know, I thought he was naked too.” But no, we see the crystal clear, visible proof literally before our eyes and we still stupidly and stubbornly insist that what we are being told is the truth. 

We have totally allowed ourselved to be completely brainwashed.

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