Saturday, December 29, 2012

my weaknesses today

Today, I vacuumed like a fiend!  No, I am not Suzy Homemaker.  I got a new Dyson!  My old vacuum is still sitting in the hallway.  I'm sure my husband would like that to be gone from the hallway when he gets home.

Today, I moved 20 gallons of paint from the garage to the shed in an effort to continue organizing my garage.  No, it is still not organized.  I mean, look at this!

Today, I assembled a new wardrobe for dance costumes.  When I disassembled the old one, I whacked myself in the head with a pole.  Yeah, that felt good.

Today, I admitted to the world (via Facebook) that I am not in the least bit domestic.  It went like this:  "I think I'll start blogging for moms who can't cook, are allergic to the kitchen, couldn't care less about being crafty, but still want to raise world changers. I'm feeling incredibly inadequate when I see all these domestic genius moms around me. You all are amazing! How can a non-domestic type compare!? :-) Maybe you all can look into mass producing your domesticity and shipping it to us kitchen/craft phobes."  Yes, I am passionate.  Yes, I love my husband and my children.  Yes, I love my country.  Yes, I love Jesus, the Lord and Savior and forever Healer of my life!  Yes, I speak boldly about the things the move my heart.   But, I hate crafts, baking, cooking and doing creative things that would otherwise please my family.  I don't even like to babysit.  How's that for some honesty?  When I put something on the stove, I walk away and forget about it because I just don't want to stand there idly waiting for food to do what it does.  I burn things because of this.  I often have pots that boil over.  My husband shakes his head.  Contrary to popular belief, I cannot multitask.  Yes, I have many things going on at one time and they all sit unfinished as I start a new task.  I will eventually finish each one, but not before annoying myself and my husband by the mess I leave in my wake.  My son, Brandon, is the same way.

Today, I read this blog post:  Competitive Mothering and I loved it and it has inspired me to boast in my weaknesses.  I try to follow many wonderful mom blogs, but what I really want to know that they have Mount Washmore in their laundry hampers, too.  I mean, how do these gorgeous women homeschool numerous children, bake the best cinnamon rolls in the world, keep a spotless house, raise goats and chickens, and have time to write about it?!!  I often have the most hideous time management.  I would rather play a logic puzzle on my phone than do some task that would actually allow me more leisure to read a book, play a game, etc.  I spend too much time on my computer and I need to do something about that.  Right now, as I write, my dining room table houses an old purse and a tote bag full of papers...both of which I really need to put away.  The manual to my new Dyson is poking out from under my computer and there are about 157 lego pieces strewn over the table.  Oh! and 2 Hershey's Kisses (which I should not have eaten) wrappers stare at me reminding me that Christmas has been one poor excuse for too much egg nog, candy, cookies, and calories.  I refuse to step on the scale.  Ha!

I hope that in the next week, I will finish the garage and the shed.
I hope that I will get back on my bike and be motivated to do so.
I hope that I have not gained the 5 pounds I'm pretty sure have glued themselves to my waist and tush.
I hope it's only 5, and not more.
I hope that we will melt into a decent "school" schedule.
I hope I will read instead of wasting time on Facebook and logic puzzles.  And maybe clean the house a bit, too.
I hope I will write more.  I like to do that and so many ideas fly through my mind, but I don't take the time to do it....because Mt. Washmore is calling my name.

Anyway, this is a little bit of venting, but mostly I just want to keep it real and boast in my weaknesses.  I have two AWESOME boys who, today, when my hub showed them a pic of a "politically connected family" who recently visited our desert, they recognized the political figure in the bunch.  They read Red Wall books and I am shocked over that.  They just counted out nearly $60 in change all on their own.  And when I asked them to clean the guinea pig cage, they did it.  I have clean floors today (ok, so they do need a good mopping).  I have paint stored properly.  I have costumes (almost) put away --- ok, so there's still a pile on my bed!  I have a husband that probably would like a wholesome home-cooked meal but loves me even when most of the time that just doesn't happen.  My home is full and beautiful, but my yard has junk all over it.  My dog door is really's almost, it IS gross.  And I have no idea how to clean it effectively.  Many people think I am amazing.  I'm not...obviously.  I'm just me.  But in those things where I excel, I want to be a blessing.  And I want a cozy home for my family.  I think I accomplish these things (for the most part).

I am a work in progress and may never be Rachel Ray in the kitchen, but I will get better at the things I'm not so hot at.  "He who began a good work in [me] will be faithful to complete it..."  There's always something to work on.  (And I didn't even talk about my unpleasant responses to the people that annoy me.) Be strong in my weaknesses, Lord!

It's getting dark and I have to go to the shed.
And I will reheat the Christmas chili (which I cheated and made from a kit) for dinner... which neither of my boys are thrilled about, but my hub loves.

And it's ok that I'm not a domestic diva.  I am a patriotic, Christ-loving, passionate wife and mom; and I don't know too many like me.  That may make me a really radical odd ball, but today I'll be glad that I am filling a unique role that a handful of others appreciate, and I feel called to.


  1. Ok, so I am the burn the inside of the pot kind of girl....

  2. I can't wait to hug your crazy neck! You're amazing, girl!