Tuesday, September 9, 2014

If anyone had reason to be snooty (and no one on this planet does)...  John Adams was well-accomplished, well-read, brilliant, well-traveled (for his time), yet he understood the real definition of  a public servant.  (Unlike so many that now hold similar offices, err I mean "titles".  i.e.: "Don't-call-me-ma'am-but-only-Queen-senator-because-I'm-better-than-you-pee-ons" Boxer, among others.)

Servant leadership, humble leadership is absolutely the best kind.  And how can it not be?  It was modeled to us by Jesus Himself who knelt to wash 120 very dirty toes, and died a death He could never deserve...for the sake of others.   Give, give, give.  We must be givers.  We must be real.  We must "not think ourselves more highly than we ought."  

Thomas Twining was delighted to find the Vice-President [John Adams]...in appearance to be more like "an English country gentleman who had seen little of the world, than a statesman who had seen so much of public life."
"I was always glad when I saw Mr. Adams enter the room and take his place at our table.  Indeed, to behold this distinguished man...occupying the chair of the Senate in the morning, and afterwards walking home through the streets and taking his seat among his fellow citizens as their equal, conversing amicably with men over whom he had just presided...was a singular spectacle, and a striking exemplification of the state of society in America at this period."
~From John Adams by David McCullough 

Is this the state of society in America now?  No.  We have made ourselves the subjects of celebrities and stuffy politicians...people who put their pants on the same way as the rest of us.  We have allowed an elitist society to be created and we 'ooh' and 'ahh' over them as if they were gods.  And then they behave like the gods we treat them as.

Even if our leaders and "stars" today were superior to our brilliant and humble founders, there would still be no reason to elevate them above the American citizen or any other human being on earth.   John Adams understood that "all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights..."  He understood it because he risked his life, liberty, and sacred honor for this truth.  And then, after much pomp, recognition, accomplishment, work, and yes, even vanity; he actually lived these words.  He knew he was created equal to those he "presided over."  He did his duty and then lived among the citizenry humbly and truly because he understood that "we the people" are the real power, the real world, the real governing force of this great nation.  Which so many now forget.

Wherever you are.  Whatever leadership position you hold.  Whatever influence you have.  Whatever inspiration you may be to others.  Always remember who you are.  We all are sinners.  We all are weak.  Even though we may be knowledgable or even an authority on this or that; we all are ignorant of many more things.  Keep it real, friends.  

"Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up."

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