Thursday, September 4, 2014

This guy.

Homeschooling/keeping my kids close during these impressionable, growing, never-going-to-get-them-back years is of infinite value to me.

Nick Fury doing his English workbook.
Today, my rock star dressed as Nick Fury (of Avengers) and moved through his day.  He is a brilliant mind.  Kind-hearted.  Sassy. Funny.  A joy.  A party in a 9-year-old package.  I mean, in lieu of a bath tonight he opted for night time swimming (sans swim shorts).  I smiled as I observed bare legs swinging above the water as he executed one of his many stunts:  this particular feat a one-handed hand stand.  

I'm halfway through my training-him-up-in-the-way-he-should-go time.  And I want to laugh deep in my heart at bare legs in the darkened pool for a little bit longer.

Raising heroes is an honor.  A gift.  

I am so thankful.

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