Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ted Cruz's conversion to Christ

Last August I had the sweet privilege of hearing Pastor Rafael Cruz at an event where I was representing CWA.
The event organizer, Gina Gleason, invited me to attend a VIP luncheon. Much to my delight, I was assigned to sit at the same table as Rafael Cruz. When he came to the table, he took the seat beside me.
I was aware that his son, Ted Cruz, memorized the Constitution as a teen. As a mom who is trying to raise godly, patriotic heroes, I decided to ask Rafael what in Ted's upbringing inspired him to attempt such a feat at such a young age. Most teenagers I know have never read the Constitution or even care about it. How can I instill in my boys the pursuit of nobility?
Pastor Cruz told me that in 1980, he volunteered for the Ronald Reagan campaign and so the daily dinner table discussions often revolved around the campaign, Reagan, and the nation. He said that it lit a fire in Ted and he's been hard at loving and defending this nation ever since.
Enjoy this story about Rafael's conversion to Christ and the effect it had on the Cruz family.

"If your self-worth is defined by being an elected official - when that becomes their self-definition, their self-worth, they're terrified to lose it which means they will never rock the boat, they will never make the hard decisions, they will never do what we need to do to actually fix the problems because it might mean that they lose their job. 
My self-worth has nothing to do with being elected a senator or elected President of the United States. My self-worth comes from being a creation of God Almighty. Jesus Christ shed His blood for me. There can be no greater self-worth than God sent His only beloved Son to die for me." 
~Ted Cruz

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