Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Dorchester Heights was our first stop in Boston. It is the site of George Washington's 1st Revolutionary War victory. He and General Henry Knox rolled a bunch of cannons up the hill in the night and surprised the British who were, thus, at a great disadvantage down below and Washington won without a fight. The British were forced to flee the city.

ready for the Freedom Trail.

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile historical walk around downtown Boston. It covers such places as: The Granary Burial Ground (where Revere, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and the victims of the Boston Massacre are buried), Old North Church, Paul Revere's home, Boston Common, etc.


Boston Common

Paul Revere's current residence
outside the Old North Church.
"1 if by land, 2 if by sea.  The British are coming, we'll fight to be free!"
a song we love from one of the videos we watched.
See if your library has it: History's Heroes.

The boys were drawn to Paul Revere while we were studying the things and places we would be seeing on this trip. Above right is his very humble gravestone at the Granary Burial Ground. He was a real American hero whose courage birthed a nation of free people. As you read this, will you please take a minute to pray that all the good these brave men did to ensure our freedoms today will not be in vain for our generation or future generations of this great country?

This is on the fence at the Granary Burial Ground.

Newman Window
Old North Church

This (above right) is the "Newman Window" of the Old North Church. Newman hung the 2 lanterns in the tower and the Regulars were busting down the door to the church when Newman descended. He ran down the aisle of the church and jumped out this window to escape.

We ended the day with a short subway ride back to the Common which I am sure will be the boys favorite part of the day. The boys did a great job on the walk. We didn't make it to "Old Ironsides" or Bunker Hill. But, will try to take that in tomorrow when we leave for New York.

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