Monday, August 17, 2009

Clinton, NJ

My Aunt Toby & Uncle Glen live in Clinton, which is the cutest little town without having to be so remote that it takes an hour and a half to drive to the nearest shopping center....ok, so maybe I am referring to the remoteness of Borrego (is "remoteness" a word?). Anyway, it is quite charming here and has been so refreshing to just enjoy their little town and spend time with family. My aunt is such a dear, kindred spirit to me and I really adore her.

My cousin, Kyler, is housesitting for Mark Lipinksi of "Quilter's Home Magazine" and we enjoyed yesterday afternoon in his pool and playing with his 3 dogs: Tulip, Petunia, & Violet. I think it
was a much needed day of R&R.

Aunt Toby treated me to a pedicure and then we walked along the downtown Clinton with a stop for tea and lunch. Yeah! That's why I love her life! Toby owns a quilting shop here called "Kindred Quilts" and has the most beautiful creations. At the end of the street, there are 2 mills along the stream. We were able to take a little walk through the Red Mill. The boys loved climbing all those stairs and watching the wheel turn.

We had a wonderful visit with family in Clinton. Definitely my favorite part of the trip so far. It is so refreshing to be with those whom your soul is knit to.

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