Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Liberty Enlightening the World

We weren't able to see the Statue of Liberty while we were in New York. We tried to book tickets to go up to the crown but it was sold out through November. We couldn't even get pedestal access from Battery Park, so our next best option was to go while we were in New Jersey. Praise the Lord! It was quite easy getting in and out of there from the New Jersey side. God knows best! And Vanessa, my cousin's girlfriend, was telling me that it is a hard climb and very hot and stuffy so I believe God worked it out the very best for us. We had a wonderful visit today. We will stay one more night with my Aunt Toby and her family and then will go back to DC tomorrow where we will meet up with a sweet friend, Geryl Anderson, who I used to dance with at Disneyland, and spend a few more days with my sis. So that will be super cool!

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