Tuesday, November 30, 2010

wailing to dancing

After my abortion, I attended the Silent Voices PAS (Post-Abortion Syndrome) healing workshop.  It was wonderful beyond words and so effective.  While I sat there amongst these other 7 women who had suffered so deeply from the loss of their babies, I began to realize that I must choreograph them.  That Summer, I set to work on a 3-part piece about 8 women suffering through the trauma of their abortions- each unique story, each varying personality.  The following Spring, I set it on dancers from Grossmont College.  I came across these photos today and a card that read:
Kori,  Thanks for letting me be a part of your healing which is what I think this dance is for you.  Thanks also for reminding me that we are truly nothing without God and that we only have to look to Him for all that we need.  Amazing Grace. - how joyful!  Teri
part 1 - grieving
Teri is comforting me in the background.
part 3 - wholeness
 Another note I found simply says, 
"Someday, you and he will dance together in Heaven."


  1. I love you, Kori. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus, Kori's got her dance card ready!

  2. I hope you know how very proud I am of you. I love you, my beautiful daughter.

  3. You wouldn't happen to have video would you? This must have been phenomenal!!!!!!!

  4. Actually I do have a video but it's a video. Know anyone who can convert it? :)

    Thanks, Lisa, for the props on my blog. Yeah, I think I like the new look too. It was fun!