Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Circle of Life

In April 1995, while I was in (dance) class at Grossmont College, a brightly colored flyer caught my eye on the bulletin board.  It was an audition flyer for the Lion King Parade at Disneyland.

The Lion King is one of my very favorite Disney movies.  The best scene is when Rafiki finds the long, lost Simba.  Simba makes excuse after excuse about why he can't take his rightful place in the "Circle of Life," when Rafiki blindsides him with a sharp whack to the head.  Simba, shocked, asks what that was for.  Rafiki says, "The past is in the past, you can either run from it or learn from it."  Then he swings at Simba again and this time Simba ducks.  Lesson learned.
This movie came out right about the time I had my abortion.  So this lesson was key for me.  I could either remain depressed about what I had done or I could stand up, find hope, and live a purposeful life USING what had happened to me.

So, how appropriate it is that this would be my first professional dancing gig.

Of course, I never imagined I would actually be cast.  A friend told me that she had auditioned half a dozen times before and was always cut.  We decided a free dance class would be worth the drive, got in line with 600 other girls, and went through the cattle call.  I learned the first routine and was immediately cut.

"Well, that was a waste of time," I thought.  My friend and I grabbed our stuff and headed for the door.  I placed my right hand on the bar to open the industrial-style door, and a hand firmly grasped my left arm.  I turned, startled, and noticed it was the choreographer who was holding onto me.  "I'd like you to stay," she said.

Five words that totally changed my life.

I picked up the final routine with no trouble.  My friend said it looked like I had choreographed it.  It felt like it too.  

The next thing I knew, I was holding a casting card.  I was dumbfounded.  "They're going to pay me to dance?"  Ok, so they didn't pay much, but heck! I would have danced for free!!!  I was in total disbelief and thus began the blessing after blessing from the Lord since my surrender to Him.

I danced at Disney for 8 years.  
The Lion King Celebration, 
Hercules Victory Parade, 
A Christmas Fantasy, 
Light Magic (may it rest in peace...FOREVER. lol!), etc.
And I stage-managed for a few years on Mulan, Parade of the Stars, and The Electrical Parade.  It was a wonderful time.

I am so thankful for God making my dream come true.

Light Magic.  I was "Wiggle Wink."
Yeah, don't even go there.  My knees hurt just thinking about it...and my shins.  

One of my favorite parts ever.  Mistletoe dancer.
Will was one sweaty guy!
And I had to kiss his sweaty cheek all down the parade route.  LOL!
He was sweet, though, and we had a blast!

Midnight rehearsal for the Christmas Parade.
About to sneak up on an unsuspecting cookie.

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