Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas pj's and malts

The tree at Grams & Gramps.
Grams had a way of making Christmas absolutely magical.
I hope I can do the same for my children.
Every Christmas Eve, I'd arrive at my Grandma & Grandpa's house for our traditional Myrman (my Grandma's maiden name) Family malt party:  a long-standing Myrman Christmas tradition...not sure why since they were all from Wisconsin.  Malts in Wisconsin in December seems odd and something that would only add to the chilliness, but it works well for those of us who have made our way to California.  Tobi (my sis) and I would bolt up the stairs to "our" bedroom where there was always one present waiting for us...lovingly placed on the pillows of our beds.  The only gift we could open on Christmas Eve: our new Christmas pajamas.  It might be a gown, or a nightshirt from some place my Grams and Gramps had traveled that year, or maybe footie pajamas!  We would open the gift and immediately change into those new, soft, never-been-worn-before, Christmas pj's and head down the two flights of stairs to the kitchen where my Gramps was stationed at the blender...tall glasses, ice cream scoop, chocolate syrup, ice cream, and long-handled spoons ready to go.

me, Grams, Tobi, Mom..3 generations of love & laughter
When I was about 16, my sis and I ran upstairs for those beloved Christmas pj's and there was nothing.  What!?! What in the world is going on here?  We skipped down stairs and asked my Grandma, "Grams!  What happened to the pajamas!?"  It was quite comical.  She dropped her head dramatically and said, "I thought you were too old for that."  Umm, no!  We had a fun laugh.  I'm pretty sure I got new pj's until I was on my own as an adult.  Grams was such a good sport and so dear.
How we miss her and my precious Grandpa.

I would love to know your favorite Christmas tradition.  Please comment on this post and share it with me.  I can't wait to read what you have to share!!


  1. Man, this post is making me cry!

  2. Now that you said that, it's making me cry.

  3. Aw Kori, that is so sweet! Brings tears to my eyes!
    Growing up, our family tradition was a bit different. My Grandmother was born on Christmas and never had a birthday party. It was always "Merry Christmas AND Happy Birthday". When we were really little, my mom threw my Grandmother her first birthday party. It meant the world to my Grandmother. So, growing up we celebrated "Christmas" and opening our Christmas presents on Christmas Eve then on Christmas Day my Grandparents came over for Christmas dinner and we had a birthday party for my Grandma.
    For our own tradition, I did the new Christmas jammies for my daughter too, lol. We went to Old Navy Thanksgiving night this year to get them for $5, lol. Mikaela's even started the tradition with her boys...she bought their Christmas jammies long before Thanksgiving=)

  4. so cool, Tanya. I was watching Glenn Beck last night and he was talking about Christmas pajamas. And my friend got to wear pj's to school (she's a teacher). It's a theme.
    I think I'm going to buy new pj's for myself. LOL!

  5. Kori, I loved your Christmas story, again I say, I love the way you write. Our tradition is much the same with the p.j's It is the gift I always let the kids open on Christmas Eve. My motives were the cute pictures on Christmas morning! But our best tradition is gathering around the Tree in those new pajama's and before a present is opened, we talk about the greates gift of all. I have everyone share and Thank the Lord and reflect on what he has done for us. Then we open presents in order. The oldest which is me to the youngest one by one savoring every gift for the longest time appreciating every effort from the smallest gift to the largest.

  6. Excellent, Darlene. I love ideas that will help keep the MAIN THING the main thing.

    I bought some wooden letters that spell JESUS this year and painted them to hang them on the tree. The kids have to find the letters of Jesus' name before we open any gifts. I got the idea from a book. Can't wait to see how it works out.