Saturday, August 20, 2011

more from Laura Bush

"The presidency is larger than the men who are in it.  The founding fathers - who in the spring of 1787 wrestled with this issue - designed it that way.  Each President's responsibility is to the office, the sole national institution that speaks for all Americans regardless of their party or class or home or age.  George always believed it was his responsibility to treat the office with great care.  Presidents are not always right but history tells us that our core values are right and that our country is good."
"George acted on principle.  He put our country first and himself last."
I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book.  Laura is a classy and dignified First Lady.  Pick it up.  You will enjoy her gentleness, her truthfulness, her self-control in not slandering those who were so nasty to her and her husband.  She is a refreshing woman of character.

Also, you will enjoy her account of 9-11 which we all should have at the forefront of our minds and hearts as the 10 year anniversary approaches.

(Quotes by Laura Bush from her book, Spoken from the Heart.)

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