Monday, August 29, 2011

Was the atomic bomb revenge for Pearl Harbor?

I recently received a message from a dear, precious friend who inaccurately accused the U.S. of taking "revenge" on Japan via the atomic bomb for their attack of Pearl Harbor; and he accused us of killing innocent children.  I was horrified since this message was also sent to several other people.  Here was my response:
I'm sorry, but I feel that you are inaccurate.  You know I love you more than life itself.  And truly your heart of love is so apparent in this message.  You are so special and precious to me.
The atomic bomb wasn't until 1945.  Pearl Harbor was in '41.  The Doolittle Raid was our response to Pearl Harbor.  Upon my recent reading about the Pacific side of WW2 (Unbroken about Louis Zamperini, POW), the atomic bomb was necessary because Hirohito would not back down and was preparing to send even Japanese women and children into war because so many Japanese men were lost.  He would not have stopped unless there was a decisive move on our end.  Certainly, the atomic bomb was extreme to say the least.  But, sometimes these things are necessary.  Hirohito was a Hitler in Asia...believing that the Japanese were superior to other Asian people groups - enslaving women and children from other Asian countries.  I'm not incredibly knowledgable about the Japanese side of WW2, but am learning more and more.  It was an incredibly devastating situation for non-Japanese Asians.  It is awful to think of the innocents that were casualites of the atomic bomb...especially children.  But there were several warnings in the weeks preceding the bomb to warn civilians to find safety (American B-25's dropped thousands of flyers warning the people).  It was the Japanese government that kept its own people from knowing about these warnings, or downplayed the seriousness of them.  War is a necessary evil.  But even God's chosen people, Israel, have been forced time and time again to defend themselves and typically to the utter destruction of their enemies.  Old Testament references even mention women and children not being spared in some situations.  I personally think that is awful, but who am I to argue with the commands of God in His Word?
However, when we (Americans) are viciously attacked on our own soil (Pearl Harbor, 9/11), a response is critical.  If we fail to respond, we portray weakness and are therefore vulnerable to more attacks.
I don't mean to counter your statements, my precious friend, but the atomic bomb was not the response to Pearl was what ended the war...and it was unfortunately necessary (in my opinion).  Hirohito brought it upon himself.  He was a tyrant and unwilling to back down.  Post-war crimes proved his guilt.
I want to encourage you not to blame the beautiful USA in a culture where so many Americans (particularly our very own president) are apologizing for our exceptionalism and success.  We are successful because God has blessed us and because we have supported Israel all these years (God said to Israel, "Blessed are those who bless you; and cursed are those who curse you.")
I would ask that you find the truth and make that known.  I feel that your message was a slam against our home country...which is the very last thing we need in our current cultural climate.  Will you please research the atomic bomb and Pearl Harbor and correct your statement?
I know it is a sensitive subject and one that stirs much opinion.  Let me just say that "response" and "revenge" are different.  And I agree with you that we, as Christians, are not ever to seek revenge, but forgiveness and reconciliation.  Don't you think that has happened between the U.S. and Japan?  I think it's really sweet to have visited Japan and seen the respect that the Japanese have shown to Americans.  I hope we would respond the same way.  I believe that there has been a beautiful reconciliation between our two countries.  Sometimes, it takes extreme measures (atomic bomb) to change the rules (Hirohito's dominance and tyranny).
I love you very much.  You know I am a patriotic freak-of-nature.  I couldn't let this one slide. :)
I post this in case you might be as ignorant as I recently was about the history of the Pacific side of World War II.  And to encourage you to not let people inaccurately portray this great nation.  Certainly mistakes have been made, but we must proclaim the truth no matter how pretty or ugly it may be.  Let's be honest and not give way to agenda and propaganda.

Bless you,

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