Thursday, March 29, 2012

even a little child knows

"...No one wanted to let it appear that he could see nothing, for that would prove him unfit for his post... 
'But he has nothing on!' said a little child. 
The emperor was startled by this, for he had a suspicion that they were right.  ...So he held himself more stiffly than ever, and the chamberlains held up the train that was not there at all."  ~The Emperor's New Clothes 
If you don't know this story, find it and understand it.

In our studies of the 1960's, we stumbled across a book about the Kennedy brothers.  Beautifully illustrated and sweet, yet it fails (as most books do) to hit the reality of the truth.  In this case it promoted a sweeping assumption of "fighting for the rights of all." What does that really mean?  We live in a world where two diametrically opposite opinions can be discussed and seem not so different after all... because we use the same words but the definitions of those words are polar opposites.

Example:  Women's rights.  On the liberal front, this means providing abortion to any woman who wants one resulting in the death of an innocent person.  Alternately, on the conservative front, it means equality among the sexes: equal pay, equal opportunity, etc.  Granted, I think the conservative perspective is also that of the libs, but they are so blinded by their obsession with abortion that they can see nothing else.

Yesterday, we were reading specifically about Edward Kennedy and his "fight for the rights of all" and how wonderful and great he was, but what is omitted here is that he was an undying advocate of abortion.  I don't care who you are and how many nice words can be said about you, if you permit murder, then you are a murderer.  Our conversation went something like this:
Me: "Boys, it's true that the Kennedy's were influential and it seems genuinely that they wanted to affect good in our country, but Edward Kennedy wanted abortion to be legal."  (My boys's mouths dropped wide-open at this point.  They are in utter disbelief that people think abortion should be ok.)  "He (Ted Kennedy) said he wanted women to have rights and in his mind he believed that a woman's right is to be able to have an abortion." 
Silas (6 years old): "Doesn't he know that some of the babies that die would grow up to be women?!  What about their rights?"

Thank you, Silas.  Even a child understands how absurd the arguments for abortion are.

Only a child lacked the hesitation to speak what was plainly before them all: The Emperor was naked.

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