Monday, December 23, 2013


A card came today. It had only one name on it. I expected two.
One is no longer here. And I didn't visit them recently and I didn't know. And people don't live forever on this earth. Life is a vapor. Even if it's 90 years or more. It passes too quickly.

Norm Danielson is no longer here. And I'm sad about it.

I bought a 1990 Lincoln Continental from Norm in 1997 and he was a friend for life. Everytime I had car trouble (even with subsequent vehicles) he told me to come to his house and he would grab his cane and check my fluids and make sure that all was a-ok. Later, he would grab his walker and check my fluids and make sure everything was a-ok. And we would talk for an hour or more in his office.

He had three daughters and he always said to me everytime I saw him and everytime we spoke on the phone, “Kori, you are just like one of my girls.” There is no greater compliment in the world. I am thankful.

I tried to visit a couple of years ago but it was not an ideal time because Norm was in a wheelchair and the house was being renovated to accommodate his wheels. And I never was able to stop by and catch him after that. But I should have tried harder.

I always worried that Norm would die and I wouldn't know about it. And that's just what happened. Sweet Norm has been gone for a year. And I found out today. And I am sad.

I love this Norm Danielson, and am so thankful for his presence in my life.  

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  1. Your memories of Norm will live forever Kori, and no one can take them away. God Bless you!