Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving…is never late.

I spoke for a Thanksgiving dinner at my church a couple of weeks ago and wanted so much to have some time to really think…  To think through Thanksgiving.  But, responsibilities, family, church, life keep me from any moments of deep thought, lately.  Honestly, some of the obstacles are my own wasted time.  Life is full and I am glad, but I never write and this blog is way unattended.  I guess my decision to address it now is futile.  After all, it is Christmastime.  I have a rehearsal in 45 minutes.   Life goes on.

I did have "posterity" on my heart and, as a result, had much to talk about regarding a generational perspective and the whole "it's not about you" issue, so all was well.

I danced this weekend for a local Christmas program at our community theater.  It was really enjoyable.  An honor to worship the One I love yet again.  Thank You, Lord, for the opportunity.  At least He is somewhat welcome at a Christmas show.

So, I back up a couple of weeks to Thanksgiving.  I read an article in AFA Journal titled "Blessed, or Spoiled?"  Enjoy:

Some excerpts that specifically caught my attention.
"America's government has been consistent for well over 200 years.  In that time it has been tested and tried. Sometimes it has walked away from a situation with a black eye, but other times it has stood as tall as the Statue of Liberty."
"Freedom is one of the easiest blessings to take for granted.  Typically, one generation fights for it, the next treasures it.  The following abuses it, and the next loses it."  Guess which generation we are in.

And this:

10 blessings easy to overlook

• Clean water: 884 million people lack access to clean water.
• A bathroom: 40% of the world does not have a toilet.
• Electricity: 1.6 billion people live without any electricity.
• Shelter: 2.5 million in America are homeless and 640 million children worldwide do not have shelter.
• Food: 28% of children in developing countries are estimated to be underweight or have stunted growth.
• Your stove: 2.5 billion people use fuelwood, charcoal or animal dung to meet their energy needs.
• Regular income: Most of humanity lives on less than $10 a day.
• Education: Nearly 1 billion people cannot read a book or write their names.
• Health: 2.2 million children die each year because they are not immunized. Annually there are 300-500 million cases of malaria including 1 million fatalities.
• Freedom to worship God: More than 400 Christians die for their faith every day across the world.
From J. Lee Grady’s column “10 basic blessings you should be thankful for.” Read the full column at

This Christmas, my mom handed the boys a catalog from Compassion International and asked if she could get the boys something from there this year.  "For the cost of a Lego set you could buy a family clean water,"  Grammy said.  Si replied, "What's more important: plastic or life?"  Si chose water.  B chose a goat for milk.  I personally find this a hilariously appropriate choice since B's favorite thing in life is milk.  His favorite animal is a cow because they produce milk.  He's very practical.  ;)

I know.  Nothing mind-boggling or life changing.  I am out of practice on my writing.  But I like to record what is on my heart and mind and rarely have the time to do it.  Have a great week.

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