Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Field Trip

Lately, Silas tells me that everything reminds him of Jesus.  Our house, a song, his shirt...  Isn't it nice to be reminded of Jesus?  We drove to Santee on Monday to do some shopping and to visit the Aerospace Museum hangar at Gillespie Field and the Creation Museum.  The whole way, Brandon was admiring the trees and the mountains and beauty of the various terrain between Borrego and the city.  It was as if he had never noticed the beauty of it before.  "Mommy, where is this?  It is beautiful."
My Grandpa used to volunteer at the hangar at Gillespie Field building, rebuilding and restoring old air planes.  So, we went for a little visit and met my dad and Linda there.  Frank Huttle greeted us in the parking lot and he knew my Grandpa and had so many sweet memories to share with me.  It was so wonderful meeting him and I left the hangar so filled up and joyful and a little sad over the loss of my dear Grandpa.  Here is a photo of Frank I was able to snap before we left.

As we wandered the tarmac, I came across the Waco, which was the first plane my Gramps worked on and he and Frank got to fly it many years ago.  

Then we headed over a mile or two to the Creation Museum.  Here are the boys on Noah's ark...sort of.

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