Thursday, May 7, 2009

Please pray for my uncle

Please be praying for my Great Uncle Johnny.  He is in the midst of heart failure and he does not know Jesus.  He has told me in the past to not share my faith.  I am hoping for an opportunity to speak with him.  It would be so terrible to lose him for eternity.  He is a very special and precious man.  My Great Aunt Helen also is not a believer.  I have such a dear family and would hate this to be the last I ever see of my treasured uncle.

Thank you.


  1. We are with ya all the way! May Father reach deep into his heart, and tenderize and transform his soul.

    Troy, Karen and Rachel

  2. I feel such an urgency here regarding the salvation of my great aunts and uncles. It nearly stresses me out. The time is short.