Monday, May 4, 2009


my husband - providing every day for our sweet family and being a great husband and dad

George Washington - Father of our country, true patriot, selfless leader and general

Corrie Ten Boom - obeying God and offering forgiveness to the unforgiveable

Glenn Beck - courage amidst an oppression-headed government.  my new favorite personality.  For saying what needs to be said and emboldening a nation to protect its freedoms.

Jim Brossard, Vietnam Veteran - standing up for our country's flag and the law even if it was politically incorrect.

President George W. Bush - a great man boldly protecting the unborn

William Wilburforce - abolishing slavery in Britain in the midst of persecution and illness

Tesquantum - a true Joseph; saving the lives of the Pilgrims so we could live in a free country today

Chuck McClain - a member of the "greatest generation"; living masculinity and integrity

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