Saturday, March 26, 2011

The mission of every woman

(continuing on the feminism theme...)
This is my 3rd time reading through The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson.  It is an innovative work...though it really shouldn’t be.  Sally aims at restoring the true role of motherhood.  
A few little blurbs from chapter 2:
“Some parents...have children essentially for the same reason they marry--to make themselves feel good.  ...passing on a legacy of emotional neediness rather than godliness. 
Another consequence of straying from God’s plan for children is that they come to be regarded as a burden, the often-inconvenient by-products of sex.  ...they easily come to be seen as a time drain, a monetary expense, a career impediment, and a curtailer of personal freedom.
Such devaluing of children can have devastating effects on both personal and societal levels.  It leads naturally to a preoccupation with birth control, a high abortion rate, and to child abuse and neglect.
Even when lip service is paid to the value of the family, there is still the underlying assumption that only ‘real’ work -financial performance, career achievement, or some other contribution outside of the home---counts in terms of value and success.  Often, as a result, women feel confused and torn between cultural messages they hear about what is important for them to do and the eternal message God has written on their hearts.”
Obviously a delusional woman suffering through the bondage of her children.  She must be liberated by the modern feminist ideas and get with the times.   ...or not.
My introduction to Sally and my first reading of this book truly liberated me from the cultural feminist oppression that has seeped into every corner of the fabric of society.  Freed from a once-trapped mind & life convinced that having babies and caring for them myself wasn’t nearly as important as leaving them in the hands of someone else (who I barely know and doesn’t love them nearly as much as I) and going to work at a “real job.”  God’s plan is real liberation.  No woman-made (feminist) fabrication of a plan that undervalues the lives of children and moms can even begin to compare with the unique and perfect design of the ferocious, all-knowing, enormous, wise Creator of heaven, earth and every life.

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