Friday, April 29, 2011

Ben Franklin's Junto

...a meeting of the minds.

We are studying the life, inventions, and mind of the genius, Benjamin Franklin.  I discovered the coolest book: Benjamin Franklin: American Genius.  It has great experiments and activities.  It is 2 weeks overdue at the library and so it must go back and I am only just beginning to go through it with my boys.  So, I bought it.  It's just too cool to not own!

We read about Franklin's Junto meetings and Brandon just about came out of his seat.  He wanted to start a Junto immediately and gathered the family together for our first meeting.  He's the leader.  I am the secretary...or so he told me.  And everyone else has a job, too.  I keep telling him that he needs to start a meeting of the minds with his peers, but he is insistent.  He has big plans for a robot he wants to build that can help the soldiers.  He has drawn the blue print and distributed a copy to each of us.  My little inventor.

So, what is a Junto you ask?  It is a meeting where things are discussed.
Anything might be discussed at a Junto meeting, from "What is wisdom?" to whether or not indentured servants made the colonies more prosperous.  Franklin wrote a list of 24 questions for members to keep in mind.  (p. 30.  Benjamin Franklin: American Genius)
Other ideas for topics:
  • Should a certain event or legislation come to fruition?
  • The happenings around town.
  • What can your group do that would be of service to others?
  • In what manner can the Junto assist you in any of your ideas? 
I really love this idea.  It reminds me of the group that Sally Clarkson's daughter, Joy, is part of: The Inklings (modeled after a group of adored authors).  Opportunities to exchange thoughts and to brainstorm possibly life-changing ideas.   (Click here for another one of Sally's posts about The Inklings.)

Maybe your kids want to start a Junto, too?!

A happy and beautiful day to you!


  1. Kori,
    Ben Franklin really was a brilliant, and very insightful, man. He is one of so many great minds the good Lord blessed our nation with. I'm sure we owe more to Ben Franklin then mot of us even realize.

    Incidentally, tell your son that I do Mechanical drafting if he should need any assistance with his robot! :)

  2. That's awesome! Thanks, Mark. Maybe I'll apprentice him your way some day. ;)