Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brando's 7th birthday

Pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  
Opening his present.
Mini golf.

Since we are camping, it's a little difficult to bake a cake, plus I have a cake planned for his party on Saturday, so more cake today seemed overkill…we opted for brownies.  With the altitude throwing off the recipe a tad and making it nearly impossible to cut the brownies into cute little squares, I made an executive decision for everybody to grab a fork and dig straight into the pan!  Now, that's what I'm talking about!  Silas was so excited …you know since he's my bend-the-rules, try-to-figure-out-another-way-to-get-it-done kid (which ironically is just like his mother).  Jamie looked at me like I was crazy…you know 'cause I am.  And we all dove into the chocolate decadence.  Jamie had to set some rules (must be the cop in him…teehee) and we all ate our fill.  

Now the boys are out in the field hitting balls with the new bat we picked up for the boys to share.

A happy day.  

We ventured to Legoland yesterday where Brandon got to call all the shots. 

Loving my now 7-year-old.  Can you believe it?  He is a big boy.  Kind, responsible (in some areas), and a treasure to my heart.  Brandon is an artist, an inventor, a scientist, and a thinker.  His writing is beautiful and intricate.  Soft freckles are beginning to pepper his nose and cheeks.  His eyelashes are still way longer than mine and it's just not right.  
To borrow from my beloved Sally who often calls her oldest son, Joel, her mysterious introverted child...so Brandon is to me.  Hard to know, but so easy to love.

Happy Birthday, my precious boy.  You are a world-changer already…because you have bettered my world in infinite ways.  

Loving you always,

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