Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No regrets

My Aunt Toby shared with me that in the last years of Grandma's life, she once told her that she always wanted a convertible, but never got one.  Soon thereafter, my aunt bought herself a convertible which she enjoys immensely.

Not that I think life is about material possessions, nor does my aunt, but I think if there is something you want to do in life, you should do everything within your power and the will of God to accomplish it.  My aunt wasn't interested in owning a convertible just for the sake of accumulating more possessions, but for the experience it provides her... to have the wind in her hair, to feel free, to cart her dog (Cody) around, and just to have fun and enjoy her time here on earth.

Life is about experiences, not stuff.

Take a walk. Ride your bike. Play tetherball with an excited 5 year-old.  Eat ice cream cones.  Put up your Christmas tree early.  Fly a kite.  Play rock music really loud in your house.  Stay up late and look at the stars.  Travel the world.  Meet people who are different from you and love them!  Go to the beach.  Have a family reunion.  Rent a convertible if you can't afford one and even if it's 40 degrees, keep the top down...and bring a blanket! ;)

Make the most of it! 

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