Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm a new girl! (Or maybe I just found the old one.)

I've been dying to tell someone about this.  I certainly don't want to condemn anyone who may struggle with their weight (don't we all?) or cause them to feel defeated, nor do I want to be boastful.  To God be the glory.  
"So whether you ear or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." (1 Cor. 10:31)
I hope in writing, it may encourage others to "eat and drink (and live!) for the glory of God."

July 2007
For a while, I have been very frustrated with my weight.  It wasn't crazy or anything, but to me it was out-of-control.  For as long as I can remember, I have been an active and fit girl.  Praise the Lord that my job for so long was dancing.  Being in shape was my occupation.  That sure made it easy.  But, now that I'm a mom and home so often and not dancing hardly at all, it's a different story.  I suffered from depression after Brandon was born.  I got my body back to a point after Silas was born, but the next couple of years saw a decline.  I didn't recognize it until the summer of 2007.  I danced at the Fair and my jaw hit the floor when I saw the photos.  When I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw the same thin girl of my dancing years, but the pictures told me something different.

It motivated me a little bit to start walking and I lost a little, but then I became unmotivated rather quickly.  And so I have held on to at least 20 extra pounds for the past couple of years.  

In January, I'd had enough of my weight.  Some friends of mine were visiting and I had watched them on Facebook become increasingly thinner and healthier.  I had to ask them what they did. 

Now, I am no pro-dieter.  This is, in fact, a foreign land to me, but I will share what I did and why I believe those heavier days are gone for good.

My friends mentioned that they just started counting calories.  And they used an iPhone app to help them (Lose it!).  I decided to give it a try and started immediately.  It was tolerable the first couple of days, but then got increasingly difficult and as the calorie budget continued to decline, it got even more difficult.  But, then it got easier for a while.  I held to this pattern for 2 months and had lost a total of 20 pounds.  And no one noticed!  LOL!  Well, maybe 3 people noticed.  Haha!  I guess that's a little reality check for my vanity.  I continued to skimp on the calorie intake for a month longer and I saw zero results on the scale.  It was very frustrating and I started to become worried, obsessed and consumed about my weight and what I was eating.  I had wanted to lose the weight to gain freedom, but I was finding myself in bondage.  I started to think I'd rather have the weight back on than to be so stressed out all the time.

But God...


He is so good and meets us right when we need Him.

I lingered after church one Sunday and began to chat with my friend, Kelly, about both of our recent weight losses.  She is a woman deeply committed to the Lord and desperate to please Him always.  She mentioned Weigh Down (which I haven't personally tried), and said that it was so important to listen to our bodies and to just pray and give it to the Lord. not eat out of emotion.  It freed me and I decided then and there that I was no longer going to obsess over calorie-counting or really worry about anything at all, but just meet the needs of the body God gave me.   It was excellent advice because I was becoming so obsessive and consumed, always worrying and stressing about what I was eating, etc.  It was no good.  I certainly didn't want to put myself into bondage, so I quit counting calories and being so freakish.  I started to pray and make good decisions about what I really need (and even want).  Thankfully the months of extreme measures created a major lifestyle change, so the transition to maintenance has been very easy and I don't feel deprived at all.  I actually love that when I eat one too many of something, I feel ill.  

April 2011
Praise God!  In fact, after a month of not losing an ounce and being so obsessive...once I relaxed and gave it to God, I lost two more pounds almost immediately.  LOL!  God is so good!  I feel so great.
I never considered how much of a difference 20 measly pounds would make, but it really is a big deal to me.

The boys and I have been riding our bikes and walking all over Borrego and it has been so fun.  We're just having a good time and enjoying the days God gives us and I'm discipling and teaching them in the process...wherever we may be.  Isn't God so fantastically wonderful?  Oh, how I love Him!  He's so magnificently benevolent, righteous and sovereign...meeting our every need.

I hope this encourages you.  God made us all uniquely different.  I am discovering who I am in this body as a wife and mom, and not as an active dancer.  

Beth Moore has a beautiful message about self-control and encourages us to find our place of freedom.  It's only $3.99 to download and can be found here.  Please take some time to listen to it.  You will be so glad, encouraged, and peaceful.

Much love,


  1. Praise God that you are offering your body as a LIVING sacrifice for Him. I rejoice in your weight loss with you, sweet Kori! Love you! Kellie

  2. And she looks amazing!! But then, I always think she looks amazing!!

  3. Kori: I just love and admire you so much. Too are beautiful no matter what you weigh but I know how just 10 extra pounds on my body feels. Not good. Your process is the right one! Honor God in ALL we do. Love Him, our families and friends and yes, even ourselves enough to commit all of who we are to the Lord. AND have fun!
    We are women! Hear us ...meow!

  4. Kori! What a blessing to hear how you went through this. I'm so proud of you! God truly is faithful all the time. In our day and age it is so important to honour God with your diet/fitness as well as the entirety of your life. Miss you! Dianna

  5. Your joy in Jesus is what is seen Kori and it must take away any extra weight. You always look great! Thanks for your encouragement. Congratulations on your success!

  6. Thank you all! I love you so much and am super duper excited to have you in my life! Yea!