Monday, May 9, 2011

exchanging inconvenience for praise

You pack the diaper bag. 
changing pad.
Don't forget your Bible...
(which you may never actually have a chance to crack open.)
You lug everything into the nursery
where you barely hear any of the message.

And you wonder why you bother.

Your children hear you sing praises to Jesus in their ears from their earliest memory.  

And then one day...
..the precious little 5-year-old sitting in your lap will sing those same songs right along with you.
And your heart will leap for joy.  

Then, you will know that forming the habit of fellowship, worship, and learning God's word with your church family is so worth the temporary difficulty and inconvenience.


  1. Hi Kori,
    I was just searching for the mourning to dancing verse and came across your blog. I read you enitre abortion story and I think it is so brave of you to share it. I cannot imagine the pain you felt, yet am so encouraged to see how God held you. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing the truth about abortion. ♥ Stacy (

  2. Hello Stacy!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment and for taking the time to read through my story. I realize it is very lengthy and don't take lightly the time commitment that is required from those who actually read it all. I also browsed your blog. You are a special mommy! What you have endured! Bless you, sweet sister.

    I am praying right now for a healthy and God-blessed pregnancy for this new little miracle within you.

    You have touched my heart with your love & kind words tonight. Thank you so much for that. Funny how a little teeny bit of encouragement from an unknown sister in Christ can catapult me into the heavens. Thank you again.

    All God's very best to you and your family.
    Much love,

  3. So simple, so good, so true, Kori

    I've been loving that E now knows how to read, because she can fully participate in worship. It's beautiful to a mother's heart!!

  4. This is great Kori and so true, I so remember those days. I love the georgeous photo of your boy looking up. That is a perfect shot. Love you, Mama Snelling

  5. Darlene, that's not my boy. It's such a sweet photo, though. Grabbed it off the internet.
    I hope you are feeling well. Praying for you.