Saturday, June 11, 2011

While He may be found. A prayer.

"Father, we know that Your hand is gracious to all who seek You, but that Your anger is against all who abandon You.  May You while You may be found and call on You while You are near." (Beth Moore)

Yes, Lord.  ...While You may be found.
Society views You as an impotent fairy tale.  Nothing is further from the truth!
You are abundantly sovereign; the Creator of every enormous and ferocious thing, and every intricate and microscopic thing.  We are surrounded by Your fingerprints and yet blind to the obviousness of them, or worse - we intentionally refuse to see because we want our own way...our own absurd and foolish way.  We elevate ourselves above the star-breathing Creator of the billions-of-galaxies universe.  We are arrogant and stupid.  And You are patient with us --- not willing that any should perish but that all would come to eternal salvation.  Professing to be wise, we become total fools.

O God!  Help us to see the truth and to let truth matter more to us than our own selfish and foolish desires.

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