Friday, July 30, 2010

Daniel's paintings on your wall...

Please consider my friend's stunning artwork and read his note below.  Let me know by commenting at the bottom of this post, if you would like to purchase his artwork and I will assist in getting you in contact with him.  He and his wife are missionaries in the Ukraine.  They are visiting in the States for a while.  Please contact me soon if you want one of these.  It is much easier for him to get it to you on this side of the planet.

As Janette and I return to the States every year and a half or so, its been a tradition to bring some artwork home for sale. Several people have asked if I will be bringing some home this year. I will be, here are some examples of some new paintings I will be selling as well as some others from the past. Please let us know if you are interested in purchasing one, while we are in the States. Thank you and God Bless you.

Most of the paintings are 11x14 although some are 16x20. The prices vary per painting per person. I say this, because I sell them in a very non traditional way. Because most of my artwork has the Word of God in it, I cannot reconcile putting a price on it, thus, for the last 7 years of selling my artwork, I leave the price up to the buyer. Many people are shocked and uncomfortable with this, but as believers, God knows our needs and are means. And until now, I just ask people to pray and the price that God puts on their hearts is the price that it is meant to be for. On the other hand, if I sell a painting that does not have scripture in it, I might put a price to it. But, God has always met our needs with this mindset.  It will take me about two weeks to get them framed. For Janette and I, we see it like this: to have the word of God on a person's wall is such an awesome thing, and if someone looks at the picture and their heart is turned toward God, that is what is most important. For people that don't know us, this may just throw them for a loop, but I will share with you this one thing that has been to me a big blessing. One year, while I was in town, I was selling some paintings. They were prints. Both framed- identical. One person paid me $25 because that is what they could afford and that is what God put on their hearts, the next person for the same picture gave me $200 because that is what God put on their hearts. To us, it is also a support to our ministry here and God knows each of our lives. And such a wide difference, but to me, it didn't signify that the person that payed $25 was any less spiritual or whatnot, but it was like the widow's mite. It blessed us so much because we were able to bless others with the word of God in an act of worship artistically. As you dance before the Lord, I paint. Both are acts of worship and if it causes others to worship too- the goal has been attained. God gets the glory!
Grace and peace to you and I look forward to hearing from you.
God bless you
Daniel & Janette

"Call unto Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3

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  1. Thank you Kori. We love you and appreciate your posting of my paintings. God Bless you!