Monday, July 19, 2010

Siley had a birthday! ...and the events of the past week

5 years old.  And he keeps telling me that in another 5, he'll be 10.  We were counting down the days til his birthday and now he is asking me how many days there are until Christmas.  I don't want to count that high.  ;)

My sister flew in last Saturday night at 11:30 pm.  After the long trek back to Borrego, we were all finally in bed by 3:30am.  I had to be at church by 8am, so it was more like a nap. And this is how the week began and continued.  Si's birthday party was after church.  We planned a late afternoon/evening party since it's over 100 degrees consistently now.  Silas chose the menu: hot dogs, corn on the cob, watermelon, cake, apple pie, and vanilla ice cream.  The pool got good use. And even I got into the pool.  One wrong step, and splash! in I went. Dress, corn on the cob, and all!  I am always good for some serious entertainment and, yet again, I did not disappoint.  I entertain even when I am not trying to.  Si's friends were here and we had a good time.  Tobi (my sister) decorated his battle-scene cake and it was very cool.  At the end of the day, he had a good stock of weapons--bow and arrow (rubber tipped-don't be afraid), wooden sword, and sling shot; stilts (yes, you read that correctly...thank you, Anne!  You are so creative!), great books, tether ball and all things a boy could want. We beat on the pinata for a while and sugared everyone up and sent them home. Good times!  (Pics above are: Si behind his cake ready for an ambush; my dear friends, Anne, Marian, and Diana; B's band-aided toes rubbed raw on the bottom of the pool. ouchy!; Jamie cooking it if it wasn't hot enough.) (Pics below: Brianna, cute as can be; Si's cake designed by Tobi)

Silas is...well...I think the card my dad & Linda sent him sums it all up: "Happy Birthday to a Grandson who's smart, handsome, fun, kind, loving, determined, brilliant, sweet, sensitive, strong, and all together wonderful!"  Yes, he is all of those things.  What a blessing he is to us!  So thankful Brandon wasn't an only child like I had originally thought I wanted.  God knows best.

We had a late night on Monday resting in the spa and searching through the night skies with the telescope, Tuesday night at the Yogurt Mill in El Cajon where my sister, Tanya, joined us (she was out for Si's bday too.  she is so precious!), we hit Sea World Wednesday with the Paxton's (my sister's fam), and tagged along to her reunion at Indian Hills Camp where Jamie and I tried out the zipline.  Woohoo!  What fun that was!  Indian Hills is a wonderful Christian camp in Jamul, CA.  I worked there through high school and treasure my memories of that place.  God is doing an awesome work next summer, children will camp for free at IHC!!!  Isn't that so exciting?!  The board has been wanting to reach out to inner-city and under-priveleged kids and they are finally doing it!  Check out their website here: (Below: Tanya & Carter; Richard & Carter: Grandpa Rich & Lucas)

We also had a busy week of VBS last week.  I help with the motions for the songs and I LOVE IT!!!!  It is totally one of my very favorite things to do EVER!  (to the left: Brandon, Si, and Lucas waiting in line for the water slide at VBS.)

Jamie and I headed up to Orange County on Saturday evening to attend my prayer partner, Kari's, surprise 40th birthday party.  It was wonderful seeing her and meeting her family.  Finally putting faces to all the names we have been praying for these past few years.  And I also was able to see quite a few familiar faces from my Calvary Costa Mesa days, so that was really special.

There is a girl at church named Aurora.  She sat next to Milo yesterday during the service.  He gets emotional during worship as he is missing Joyce so much,and Aurora was so precious.  She patted his shoulder and stayed close to him.  What a princess!  I cry every time I think about her sweetness.  I know it must have been such a comfort and blessing to Milo.

Totally unrelated--I met Congressman Darryl Issa last week at the Julian 4th of July Parade, and hugged him big for his perseverance to seek out the truth in this current corrupt administration.  Yes, I know I am a freak of nature.

Jamie goes to the doctor tomorrow where he will find out if he gets to go back to work.  We are praying that this time of surgery and healing is over.  It has been more than 8 months.  We have really enjoyed having daddy home, but I know he is wanting to carry his weight at work and not be a burden to the other guys.  So, please pray that he gets to return.  Thank you.

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