Friday, July 30, 2010

Pray for the USA, week of July 31

Every week, I put together a list of things that need attention to present to my church.  I will start sharing it here.


Obamacare covers abortion.  

"The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly for an amendment to ObamaCare to ban funding abortion.  But the final bill stripped that amendment and was passed on a promise from Pres. Obama that he would sign an executive order banning abortion funding... Another empty promise from Obama.
"Pres. Obama and Secretary Sebelius need to make this right and pass regulations ensuring our tax dollars do not pay for killing innocent children and harming women.  Congress should also learn from this fiasco that ObamaCare has nasty surprises in it and repeal the whole thing." (Wendy Wright, CWA President)


  • PRAY!!!

Elena Kagan, President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. 

The full Senate vote is next and expected to be complete by the August Summer recess…maybe even this week.
There is great concern over Kagan’s commitment to the Constitution among other things.


  • Contact your senators and urge them to oppose Kagan’s nomination.  This is urgent.  Please act ASAP.

Parental Rights Amendment; SR519

As of Monday, only 4 more Senators are needed to co-sponsor SR519.  4 were gained over the weekend, and 1 this week.  Keep praying!


  • Spread the word.  Tell everyone you know to sign the Parental Rights petition and to contact their senators.
  • Contact your (and other state’s) senators and urge them to co-sponsor SR519, the Parental Rights Amendment.
ABOVE ALL...Please pray. God can move mountains and can turn the hearts of kings (or whoever the case may be) like a river.  Don’t forget to pray for their salvation as well.  We must have compassionate and loving hearts.

UPDATE:  The DISCLOSE Act – H.R. 5175

The DISCLOSE Act was designed to stifle Americans’ legitimate right to political speech, increasing bureaucratic regulations, which would punish small business owners and grassroots groups, and placing onerous regulations on campaign activity, which will all but eliminate grassroots advocacy.  According to some Republicans, it was designed to rig the November election to favor Democrats because it doesn’t allow the Democrats plummeting polls to be reported.
The DISCLOSE Act stalled on the Senate floor Tuesday as Democrats failed to overcome a Republican filibuster of the bill.  Needing 60 votes to kill the filibuster, Democrats fell three votes short (57-41).

PRAISE GOD!!!  Senate Republicans stopped it on Tuesday.

Information courtesy of:,,, Gun Owners of America, Fox News

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