Sunday, January 29, 2012

an extraordinary spirit

"Caleb and Daniel...refused to blend in.  They never assimilated.  Neither did they settle into the lowest common denominator of devotion practiced by their closest friends or kin.  ...  Anyone who goes overboard or takes it too seriously is considered eccentric, not extraordinary.  For some, the flow of the world can be easier to resist than the flow of Christian mediocrity." ~Beth Moore


Oh, that there would be revival amongst Christians!!  
Where is principle? Where is conviction? Where is righteousness no matter the cost?

"You and I want God to be able to look on us amid our overindulged, self-absorbed culture, then glance to His right and say, 'She has an extraordinary spirit, doesn't she, Son?'  Perhaps Christ will nod His head and, while thinking the thoughts of an anxious bridegroom, lean over and say, 'And isn't she beautiful?'" ~Beth Moore

O God, could this ever be me? 

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  1. love this sweet kori. thank you. can't wait to see you