Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Ann Voskamp's book is shaking my world.  To be truly thankful for everything handed to us by the open fingers of God...  From my earliest remembrance, my Mom and my Grandma urged the pleases and thank yous, yet I am now learning these 37 years into life how to be truly thankful by the beautiful example of this Ann.  I want to be an Ann Voskamp copy cat., as I make my own list, know it was her idea first.  Taking pictures is her idea.  I don't mind mimicking if it leads me to the fuller life of true thankfulness and depth.

"...slapping a sloppy brush of thanksgiving over everything in my life leaves me deeply thankful for very few things in my life."
" gratitude does not fasten to a life unless nailed through with one very specific nail at a time."
~Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts, p. 59 

8.  Christmas leftovers so abundant I can't get creative enough to use them all up in time.
9.  When you unknowingly prep too much food, then an unexpected guest arrives.
10. Early bird shopping in a quiet store.
11. 2-seater shopping carts that allow little boys to hop on and off like stuntmen
12. The ability to teach old dogs new tricks.  I'm attempting to learn how to run the sound board at church.  I love this!
13. Congressman Duncan Hunter who accurately represents my family and so many others.  How thankful we are to have an ethical man of integrity and righteousness interceding on behalf of the government for us.
14. Lazy New Year's Day mornings watching The Tournament of Roses Parade.
15. Late nights with kindred-spirit friends.
16. Underdog winners.  (ok, so he was 8 votes shy of actually winning.  Go Santorum!)
17. Pandora

18. A little 6-year-old boy voice lofting "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" from the bathroom...10 days after Christmas...immediately followed by pretend-play battle cries.

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