Tuesday, January 24, 2012


"Being in a hurry.  Getting to the next thing without fully entering the thing in from of me.  I cannot think of a single advantage I've ever gained from being in a hurry.  But a thousand broken and missed things, tens of thousands, lie in the wake of all the rushing...  Through all that haste I thought I was making up time.  It turns out I was throwing it away."
"In our rushing, bulls in china shops, we break our own lives."  ~Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts  
29. down comforters like clouds
30. spiritual moms (He truly sets the lonely in families.)
31. the incomparable ferocious might of the God of all
32. pursuing "impossible" adventure - just to see if it is, in fact, possible.  Ignoring nay-sayers.
33. Being victorious in the impossible...because with God ALL things are possible.
34. The mighty, lethal ocean.

"Praying with eyes wide open is the only way to pray without ceasing." ~Ann
35. Little boy quiet, eyes-closed prayers, self-initiated and spied by mommy.

(What is 1000 Gifts?)

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